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Cory Doctorow, Writer, blogger, activist. · 11 Feb 2018

The internet isn't nearly so important as racial injustice and vanquishing white supremacy, nor smashing patriarchy, nor rescuing our planet from looters and clmate vandals, nor feudal inequality: but EVERY ONE of those fights will be won or lost with the internet
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John Nichols, American journalist and author · 15 Dec 2017

Net neutrality is the First Amendment of the Internet. It guarantees that speech is equal on the network of networks.
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Paul Krugman, Economist (nobel laureate) and NY Times columnist · 15 Oct 2017

agrees Carbon Tax
Emissions taxes are the Economics 101 solution to pollution problems; every economist I know would start cheering wildly if Congress voted in a clean, across-the-board carbon tax.
Open uri20170831 4 oekmv?1504174937

Sanjay Gupta, American neurosurgeon and multiple Emmy®-award winning chief medical correspondent for CNN · 11 Sep 2017

agrees Vaccines
That you are 100 times more likely to be struck by lightning than to have a serious allergic reaction to the vaccine that protects you against measles is not a matter of opinion. That is also a matter of fact.
Open uri20170831 4 e6wdha?1504188416

Seth Mnookin, Director of MIT's Graduate Program in Science Writing · 11 Sep 2017

agrees Vaccines
Robert Kennedy Jr made his name in the anti-vaccine movement in 2005, when he published a story alleging a massive conspiracy regarding thimerosal, a mercury-based preservative that had been removed from all childhood vaccines except for some variations of the flu vaccine in 2001. In his piece, Kennedy completely ignored an Institute of Medicine immunization safety review on thimerosal published t... See More
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Greg Easterbrook, Contributing editor The Atlantic. NYT bestseller The Progress Paradox. · 10 Sep 2017

agrees Carbon Tax
The simplest, most efficacious, least bureaucratic, and best-for- the-nation initial move against greenhouse gas buildup w ould be a carbon tax.
Open uri20170909 4 1ro5unl?1504937849

Joe Klein, Columnist for TIME magazine. · 10 Sep 2017

agrees Carbon Tax
I believe that climate change is real, and a long-term problem to be addressed in every way, ranging from a carbon tax to incentives for non-polluting energy sources.
Open uri20170909 4 1abfjtp?1504937442

Thomas Friedman, NY Times columnist and Pulitzer Prize winning author of Lexus and the Olive Tree and From Beirut to · 10 Sep 2017

agrees Carbon Tax
We need a tax system that shrinks what we don't want — carbon, sugar and bullets — and incentivizes what we need
Open uri20170909 4 ahauqu?1504937219

Jonathan Rauch, Senior fellow @BrookingsGS & @BrookingsInst. Contributing editor @TheAtlantic and @nationaljournal. · 10 Sep 2017

agrees Carbon Tax
Just as conveniently, the most efficient way to get started is also the simplest, albeit not the easiest politically: tax carbon emissions.
Open uri20170910 4 v1ruor?1505062412

William Baldwin, · 10 Sep 2017

agrees Carbon Tax
Chuck out all energy legislation, replacing it with a one-sentence statute that levies a tax on carbon emissions.

Irwin Stelzer, Economist, journalist for Sunday Times (London), consultant · 10 Sep 2017

agrees Carbon Tax
No need to compromise on the one solution that almost every economist agrees would be a prudential, efficient way to reduce emissions—a carbon tax.

Bruce Bartlett, · 08 Sep 2017

agrees Carbon Tax
Trump infrastructure and tax plans should include flood control and a carbon tax.
Open uri20170829 4 110ols7?1504025037

Evgeny Morozov, Writer ans researcher on political and social implications of technology. · 06 Sep 2017

disagrees Basic Income
Basic income, therefore, is often seen as the Trojan horse that would allow tech companies to position themselves as progressive, even caring – the good cop to Wall Street’s bad cop – while eliminating the hurdles that stand in the way of further expansion. Goodbye to all those cumbersome institutions of the welfare state, employment regulations that guarantee workers’ rights or subversive attemp... See More

Jared Bernstein, Senior Fellow at the Center on Budget and Policy Priorities · 06 Sep 2017

disagrees Basic Income
Are the good, effective anti-poverty programs currently in place fully funded? I’m quite certain they’re not, and thus the question for progressives is what gets us the bigger inequality-and-poverty-reducing-bang-for-the-buck: a dollar to UBI, or a dollar to things like quality pre-school, the EITC and CTC (wage subsidies for low-income, working families), expanding Medicaid, SNAP (food stamps), a... See More
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Charles Murray, Libertarian conservative political scientist, author, and columnist · 06 Sep 2017

agrees Basic Income
Replacing the welfare state with an annual grant is the best way to cope with a radically changing U.S. jobs market—and to revitalize America’s civic culture

Barbara Ehrenreich, Author of Nickel and Dimed · 06 Sep 2017

agrees Basic Income
[Martin Ford's] solution is blindingly obvious: As both conservatives and liberals have proposed over the years, we need to institute a guaranteed annual minimum income
Open uri20170328 4 1h776yh?1490732921

Owen Jones, Columnist for the Guardian and the New Statesmen · 06 Sep 2017

agrees Basic Income
Basic income – where we all are given a payment from the state as a right of citizenship – should be introduced.
Open uri20170129 4 11f8qb?1485688412

Amol Rajan, Editor-at-Large of The Independent · 06 Sep 2017

agrees Basic Income
Guaranteed income is the kind of radical idea we urgently need
Open uri20170129 4 bm0uz1?1485688409

Chris Hayes, Host of All In with Chris Hayes on MSNBC · 06 Sep 2017

agrees Basic Income
I am very much pro basic income
Open uri20170129 4 x7gr7f?1485688389

Thom Hartmann, Radio Host · 06 Sep 2017

agrees Basic Income
If conservatives really want to do away with “wasteful” and “overly bureaucratic” social services in the U.S. - services like Medicaid, Social Security and foodstamps - there’s an easy alternative. It’s simple. It encourages personal responsibility. And it will do away with our current mess of programs that make up our social safety net. All we have to do is guarantee every person a universal, and... See More
Open uri20170328 4 19h7x9s?1490732913

Elizabeth May, Green Party of Canada · 06 Sep 2017

agrees Basic Income
Paying everyone a basic income will end poverty and save money
Open uri20170129 4 rebor4?1485688356

Dan Savage, LGBT Author and Activist · 06 Sep 2017

agrees Basic Income
Guaranteed minimum wage […] would relieve a whole lot of stress for a lot of working people and poor people
Open uri20170129 4 ae9pi8?1485688360

Paul Mason, Economics Editor, The Guardian · 06 Sep 2017

agrees Basic Income
To benefit from the automation revolution we need a universal basic income, the slashing of working hours and a redefinition of ourselves without work
Open uri20161105 3 1adhoc4?1478348794

Toomas Hendrik Ilves, President of Estonia since 2006 · 06 Sep 2017

agrees Basic Income
The rapid replacement of jobs by machines/artifical intelligence will lead to the need for a Universal Basic Income.

Simon Jenkins, · 31 Aug 2017

Like the current zombie cult of maths, languages are beloved of reactionary educators for one reason: they are easy to test, quantify and regiment. They are the raw material for education’s new Holy Grail, the league table. Challenge the usefulness of such subjects, and teachers fall back on the medieval saw, that “they train the mind”. They used to say that of Latin – and corporal punishment. The... See More

Catherine Mayer , Women's Equality Party founder · 31 Aug 2017

Women-only carriages are not a good idea
Open uri20180212 4 mxl92b?1518432632

Leonid Bershidsky, Journalist · 31 Aug 2017

disagrees Robot Tax
Automation did play a certain role in determining less-educated workers' life choices [i.e. losing their routine jobs and being forced either into unemployment or into the service sector]. But, Cortes, Jaimovich and Siu wrote, other factors were at least no less important. They specifically named "the share of high-skilled workers and their occupational choice, outsourcing and trade, and changes i... See More
Open uri20170813 4 mt52xw?1502627313

Dan Golden, Journalist, senior editor for ProPublica · 31 Aug 2017

Asian-Americans are indeed treated unfairly in admissions, but affirmative action is a convenient scapegoat for those who seek to pit minority groups against each other. A more logical target would be "the preferences of privilege,"
Open uri20170720 4 gyibtg?1500549318

Josh Barro, Senior editor for Business Insider · 31 Aug 2017

disagrees Job Guarantee
While I favor policies to tighten the labor market, I'm not sure how a job guarantee would work. What if you can't do anything useful? What if you're terrible at your guaranteed job? There are things the government could be doing to foster job creation in recessions — deficit spending, nominal GDP targeting, a higher default level of inflation, countercyclical infrastructure investment — that stri... See More
Open uri20170717 4 1f555ux?1500292677

Matthew Yglesias, Blogger and journalist · 31 Aug 2017

disagrees Job Guarantee
But why insist on delivering that generosity in the specific form of "here's a make-work job for you to do in exchange for a check"? Why not just hand over the check? That way you don't need to cut as many checks to people supervising the work, obtaining the equipment to do the work, etc.
Open uri20170831 4 1tn1b21?1504188350

Annie Lowrey, Economic policy journalist at The Atlantic · 31 Aug 2017

disagrees Job Guarantee
The CAP proposal [jobs guarantee] leaves a number of questions unanswered. For example, the report suggests turning the current pool of unemployed, displaced, and discouraged workers into teachers’ aides, EMTs, and elder-care assistants. But those are jobs that require a considerable amount of training and skill, and are generally long-term careers rather than temporary gigs.
Open uri20170704 4 l9yjqs?1499178157

Peter Drucker, Management consultant, educator, and author · 31 Aug 2017

Culture eats strategy for breakfast
Open uri20170607 4 6e818v?1496816698

David Bailey, Car industry expert and Professor at Aston University · 31 Aug 2017

There are clearly complex issues around having both types of cars on the road. How can you programme a car to edge out into traffic as a human would do or flash its lights to signal it is letting another car in?
Open uri20170603 4 1b70rtm?1496471081

Hanna Rosin, American author and writer · 31 Aug 2017

The Bureau of Labor Department statistics show that the median earnings of full-time female workers is 77 percent of the median earnings of full-time male workers. But that is very different than “77 cents on the dollar for doing the same work as men
Open uri20170603 4 1roavm8?1496469787

Tucker Carlson, American political commentator for Fox News · 31 Aug 2017

If you adjust for the amount of uninterrupted time people spend in the workplace, women make more than men in almost every category
Open uri20170831 4 1a4crun?1504188319

Matthew Parris, British political writer, formerly a Conservative Member of Parliament · 31 Aug 2017

I now believe in positive discrimination
Open uri20170328 4 t1lw51?1490732944

James Delingpole, Columnist · 31 Aug 2017

disagrees Carbon Tax
By taxing carbon dioxide (the harmless trace gas which makes the planet greener), the US government would be signalling to the world that it still believes in the man-made global warming narrative. This, in turn, would keep alive the crony-capitalist “renewables” industry in which Paulson, Steyer, Bloomberg and their friends are so heavily invested.
Open uri20160815 3 necku4?1471288939

Matt Ridley, Journalist, businessman and a Conservative member of the House of Lords. · 31 Aug 2017

agrees Brexit
Harmonising standards is good but doing so at the regional level makes no sense. In fintech, in ag-tech, in digital, in biotech – the action is at the global level, where our voice is just 1/28th of a seat. We could be chairing these bodies.
Open uri20160517 3 1tefwxm?1463482885

Timothy Garton Ash, Professor of European Studies at Oxford University · 31 Aug 2017

disagrees Brexit
Faced with rising superpowers like China... as well as old ones like Russia, clearly 500 million people have a lot more clout than just us… [leaving] would make Europe much weaker… Vladimir Putin would be laughing all the way to the rest of the Ukraine.
Open uri20170328 4 o241vp?1490732565

Garry Kasparov, · 31 Aug 2017

disagrees Brexit
Brexit… would be a boon to the terror groups already active inside and outside Europe’s borders, to the Russian dictator who is crashing through those borders, and it would reduce the ability of the UK and Europe to resist these assaults.
Open uri20170328 4 frxp49?1490730590

David Frost, English journalist, comedian, writer, media personality and daytime tv game show host · 31 Aug 2017

disagrees Brexit
Scotch supports around 40,000 jobs in the UK… Europe has a taste for scotch. The industry will do better if we remain in the EU because whisky producers have hassle-free, easy access to the single market of 500 million people.

Patrick O'Flynn, · 31 Aug 2017

agrees Brexit
Outside the EU, Britain would get to reoccupy its own seat at the WTO and conduct trade negotiations in its national interest once again, rather than being (mis)represented by an EU commissioner.
Open uri20160822 3 ydpix0?1471894471

Alastair Campbell, · 31 Aug 2017

disagrees Brexit
No serious overseas player thinks we should leave, unless it suits their agenda …. The historic significance, if we leave, is greater than any of the elections I was involved in.
Open uri20170328 4 cs3zfx?1490730722

Allister Heath, · 31 Aug 2017

agrees Brexit
Genuine believers in enlightenment values must have the courage of their convictions …. they must learn to trust the people again: we are a sensible, grown-up nation, and we don’t need a bunch of European technocrats to force us to be free.
Open uri20170328 4 b5i8gk?1490730664

Jeremy Clarkson, Broadcaster, journalist and writer · 31 Aug 2017

disagrees Brexit
Britain, on its own, has little influence on the world stage ... But Europe if it were well run and had good cohesive, well thought-out policies, would be a tremendous force for good.
Open uri20160822 3 d43tfw?1471894405

Lady Brady, · 31 Aug 2017

disagrees Brexit
British families, consumers and businesses are stronger in than out … Europe is our largest trading partner … European trade supports millions of British jobs … And a bigger market has driven down prices for consumers.
Open uri20160815 3 3t2eaj?1471287742

David Icke, · 31 Aug 2017

agrees Brexit
[The EU is] a vehicle for the incessant centralising of power in the hands of a few dark suit bureaucrats ... It’s a farce, it’s a con.
Open uri20170328 4 1b142lm?1490730733

Tom Harris, · 31 Aug 2017

agrees Brexit
If the UK leaves the EU, all the powers Brussels and Strasbourg currently have over Scotland ... will be automatically devolved to Holyrood. I think those powers would be better used by Scottish politicians directly accountable to Scottish voters.
Open uri20160414 3 1qv53el?1460620240

Chris Grayling, Leader of the House of Common, Member of Parliament for Epsom and Ewell · 31 Aug 2017

agrees Brexit
I do not believe that we can currently within the EU protect our national interest. Increasingly we are simply passing laws that have been introduced in Brussels which we often disagree with which are seldom in our national interest.
Open uri20160413 3 1ftorgt?1460573176

Michael Gove, Secretary of State for Justice · 31 Aug 2017

agrees Brexit
The EU is an institution rooted in the past and is proving incapable of reforming to meet the big technological, demographic and economic challenges of our time.
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