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Andrew Yang, 2020 US Presidential Candidate. Founder of Venture For America. Author.

agrees Basic Income
America needs to take radical steps to prevent Great Depression-level unemployment and a total societal meltdown, including handing out trillions of dollars in cash.
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State of California, State in the Pacific Region of the United States of America

agrees Surrogacy
The judgment or order [regarding the legal parents of a child] shall establish the parent-child relationship of the intended parent(s) identified in the surrogacy agreement. It shall also establish that the surrogate, her spouse, or partner is not a parent of, and has no parental rights or duties with respect to, the child or children
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Government of Canada, The federal administration of Canada

agrees Surrogacy
In Canada, it is a crime to pay (in cash, goods, property or services), offer to pay or advertise to pay a woman to be a surrogate mother. The AHR Act does not: Prohibit surrogacy itself, as long as a surrogate mother in Canada makes this decision for altruistic reasons (i.e., without financial or other gain); Criminalize a woman who agrees to be or becomes a surrogate mother. It is paying, offe... See More
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Government of Cambodia, Government of Cambodia

disagrees Surrogacy
Surrogacy, one of a set of services to have a baby by Assisted Reproductive Technology, is banned completely.
Open uri20180223 4 io17ed?1519395963

Lyle W. Hillyard, Utah politician and an attorney

disagrees Surrogacy
I don’t think there’s anyone who thinks all surrogate births are wrong... We just need to make sure the law is written in a way that only allows surrogate births under specific circumstances. We need to stop selling babies, you know.
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Ministry of Personnel, Public Grievances and Pensions, Coordinating agency of the Government of India in personnel matters

agrees Surrogacy
[The department of personnel and training (DoPT) has instructed all Central ministries and departments to implement a 2015 order of the Delhi High Court for granting maternity leave to female employees who chooses to have a child by commissioning a surrogacy.]
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Government of People's Republic of China, Government of China

disagrees Surrogacy
[Surrogacy contracts are not recognised.]
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Government of the United Kingdom, UK Government

disagrees Surrogacy
It’s illegal to pay a surrogate in the UK, except for their reasonable expenses.
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Gabriela Mosquera, Member of the new jersey general assembly

agrees Surrogacy
I don’t believe that these gestational carriers are being exploited... I don’t think they’re stupid women. I think they’re intelligent women and I believe that they know what they are getting themselves into, especially when they have to [have] their own attorney.
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Khloé Kardashian, American television personality

agrees Surrogacy
I mean, I thought about surrogacy at one point but then it just didn't cross my mind.
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Justice Thomas Waterman, Justice of the Iowa Supreme Court

agrees Surrogacy
Banning gestational surrogacy contracts would deprive infertile couples of perhaps the only way to raise their own biological children and would limit the contractual rights of willing surrogates.
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Olga Bogomolets, Doctor and MP chairing Ukraine's parliamentary committee

disagrees Surrogacy
The [Ukrainian] industry is not sufficiently regulated and this lack of oversight can put both surrogate mothers and the paying parents at risk.
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Kim Kardashian, American television personality

agrees Surrogacy
The fact that this is just what we can do these days, I'm like really thankful... Like I'm seriously so grateful for [our surrogate] and that someone is just so like selfless and kind to do this.
Open uri20180223 4 1hr599f?1519391193

Andrew Percy, British Conservative Party politician

agrees Surrogacy
The law is currently outdated and inadequate and fails to represent the reality of modern day surrogacy in the UK and the changed perceptions of family.
Open uri20180223 4 1rba089?1519391000

Tom Daley, British diver

agrees Surrogacy
The laws in the UK don't actually permit commercial surrogacy... That was a bit of shock to me. That in a place like this, that seems so progressive and so far ahead still to the United States on things like employment, housing, security and marriage. But on surrogacy, it's not available in the same way.
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50 Cent, American rapper, entrepreneur, investor, and actor

A little bitcoin anyone? LOL. l know l make you sick but excuse me...I’m getting to the bag.
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Jamie Foxx, American actor, stand-up comedian, musician, and talk radio host

Looking forward to participating in the new @cobinhood Token! ZERO fee trading!
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Mike Tyson, Former heavyweight champion and professional boxer

I’m honored to join the bitcoin revolution with my very first bitcoin ATM.
Open uri20180216 4 f62rd8?1518798318

DJ Khaled, American record producer, radio personality, rapper, dj and record label executive

Spend and store your digital assets such as Bitcoin, ethereum and more securely...
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Floyd Mayweather, American professional boxing promoter and former professional boxer

You can call me Floyd Crypto Mayweather from now on...
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Ashton Kutcher, Actor from the United States

[Bitcoin is] decentralising the world.
Open uri20180216 4 f5fbkz?1518797845

Richard Branson, Founder of Virgin (400 companies)

I think it [Bitcoin] is working. There will be other currencies like it that may be even better, but in the meantime there's a big industry around bitcoin. You know, people have made fortunes out of bitcoin, some people have lost money out of bitcoin.
Open uri20180216 4 1xhgfl4?1518797711

Nas, American hip hop recording artist

[Bitcoin] will evolve into an industry as big, if not bigger, than the Internet. My man Ben Horowitz really opened my eyes to that point. This isn't of the Internet age, bitcoin is its own age.
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Ted-Jan Bloemen, Dutch-Canadian long track speed skater

Bloemen's support for cutting-edge technologies is reflective of his proclivity for pushing the boundaries.

Financial Industry Regulatory Authority (FINRA), Private corporation that acts as a self-regulatory organization

disagrees Cryptocurrencies
Even when legitimate companies flock to a hot, new sector, fraudsters almost always follow suit, exploiting the news to launch their latest frauds du jour.
Open uri20180216 4 amecv3?1518796878

U.S. Commodity Futures Trading Commission (CFTC), An independent agency of the US government that regulates futures and option markets

disagrees Cryptocurrencies
Customers should not purchase virtual currencies, digital coins, or tokens based on social media tips or sudden price spikes... Thoroughly research virtual currencies, digital coins, tokens, and the companies or entities behind them in order to separate hype.
Open uri20180216 4 1l5wry1?1518796594

Atari, Pioneer in arcade games, home video game consoles, and home computers

To broaden the appeal of these new casinos, and once the Atari Token available, Atari has the project to launch Pong Token, a second token dedicated to crypto-casinos and usable on these gaming sites. The details of this launch of crypto-casinos will be announced soon.

Samsung, South Korean multinational conglomerate

We are in the middle of a foundry business that is being supplied to a virtual money mining company in China.
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Charles Munger, American investor, businessman and philanthropist

disagrees Cryptocurrencies
I never considered for one second having anything to do with it. I detested it the moment it was raised. It’s just disgusting. Bitcoin is noxious poison.
Open uri20180216 4 17lo5ql?1518794688

Joseph Stiglitz, Nobel laureate economist based at Columbia University

disagrees Cryptocurrencies
[Governments will] regulate it out of existence.
Open uri20180216 4 zau5oy?1518794575

John Kerry, American politician, former United States Secretary of State and former senator from Massachusetts

People are investing in it, it’s serious amounts of money and it’s got value so it’s going to be talked about.
Open uri20180216 4 mnl0em?1518794415

J. Christopher Giancarlo, Chairman of the United States Commodity Futures Trading Commission (CFTC)

disagrees Cryptocurrencies
The SEC will vigorously pursue those who seek to evade the registration, disclosure and anti-fraud requirements of our securities laws.
Open uri20180216 4 13b2fjk?1518794277

Jay Clayton, American attorney and Chairman of the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission

disagrees Cryptocurrencies
Market participants, including lawyers, trading venues, and financial services firms, should be aware that we are disturbed by many examples of form being elevated over substance, with form-based arguments depriving investors of mandatory protections.
Open uri20180216 4 17juar7?1518794116

Brad Garlinghouse, CEO of financial technology company Ripple

At its core, all of this comes down to if we are solving real problems for real customers. If the cryptocurrency market overall or a digital asset is solving a problem, it’s going to drive some value.
Open uri20180216 4 1gsojna?1518793964

Peter Altmaier, German politician serving as the Chief of Staff of the German Chancellery and as Federal Minister fo

disagrees Cryptocurrencies
[Cryptocurrencies] could pose substantial risks for investors.
Open uri20180216 4 1k7r5qc?1518793831

Bruno Le Maire, French politician and former diplomat

disagrees Cryptocurrencies
We believe there may be new opportunities arising from the tokens and the technologies behind them... However, tokens could pose substantial risks for investors and can be vulnerable to financial crime without appropriate measures. In the longer run, potential risks in the field of financial stability may emerge as well.
Open uri20180216 4 jz51gr?1518793641

Theresa May, Prime minister of the United Kingdom

disagrees Cryptocurrencies
Cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin, we should be looking at these very seriously, precisely because of the way that they can be used, particularly by criminals.
Open uri20180216 4 1oblcfe?1518793530

Steven Mnuchin, 77th and current United States Secretary of the Treasury as part of the cabinet of Donald Trump

disagrees Cryptocurrencies
We encourage fintech, we encourage innovation, but we want to make sure that all of our financial markets are safe and aren't being used for illicit activities.
Open uri20180216 4 1r41i9y?1518793436

Christine Lagarde, IMF Managing Director

disagrees Cryptocurrencies
It's clearly a domain where we need international regulation and proper supervision.
Open uri20180216 4 p47iml?1518793023

Jamie Dimon, Chairman, CEO and President of JP Morgan Chase

[Bitcoin ETFs could be the] holy grail for owners and investors.
Open uri20180215 4 yzqhoa?1518731117

European Banking Authority, A regulatory agency of the European Union

disagrees Cryptocurrencies
The risks, by contrast, are manifold. More than 70 risks were identified across several categories, including risks to users; risks to non-user market participants; risks to financial integrity, such as money laundering and other financial crime; risks to existing payment systems in conventional FCs, and risks to regulatory authorities.
Open uri20180215 4 1f2wutm?1518730938

European Securities and Markets Authority (ESMA), European Union financial regulatory institution and European Supervisory Authority

disagrees Cryptocurrencies
VCs such as Bitcoin, are subject to extreme price volatility and have shown clear signs of a pricing bubble and consumers buying VCs should be aware that there is a high risk that they will lose a large amount, or even all, of the money invested.
Open uri20180215 4 184lb0n?1518730638

William C. Dudley, President of Federal Reserve Bank of New York

disagrees Cryptocurrencies
[Bitcoin is] more of a speculative activity.
Open uri20180215 4 sk0x89?1518730365

Bank for International Settlements, International financial institution[2] owned by central banks

Anything that grows in price as fast as bitcoin has done it, without having a real clear understanding of what is behind it, should at least raise some eyebrows. Policy makers can’t ignore the growth of cryptocurrencies and will likely have to consider whether it makes sense for them to issue their own digital currencies at some point.
Open uri20180215 4 4qlkcp?1518730264

Ministry of Economy and Finance (Morocco), The Moroccan Ministry in charge of the economic and financial policy of Morocco

disagrees Cryptocurrencies
This is a hidden payment system that is not backed by an organization, the use of virtual currencies entails significant risks for their users.
Open uri20180215 4 1wz15o2?1518729991

Reserve Bank of New Zealand, Central bank of New Zealand

Digital currencies, cryptocurrencies, are a real and serious proposition for the future.
Open uri20180215 4 gobrgw?1518729893

Sveriges Riksbank, Central bank of Sweden

It was in Stockholm that the first modern banknote was created more than 350 years ago, and that it is here, in Sweden, that cash is currently taking its last breaths. Perhaps the Riksbank will be writing history again.
Open uri20180215 4 1088zat?1518729478

De Nederlandsche Bank, Central Bank of the Netherlands

DNB is interested because blockchain may have implications for the overarching goal of financial stability and her three primary tasks: 1) promote the smooth functioning of the payment system, 2) prudential supervision and oversight and 3) monetary policy.

Central Bank of the Republic of Turkey, Central bank of the Republic of Turkey

[Cryptocurrencies could] contribute to financial stability.
Open uri20180215 4 8788c4?1518729104

Reserve Bank of Australia, Australian central bank

disagrees Cryptocurrencies
The current fascination with these currencies feels more like a speculative mania than it has to do with their use as an efficient and convenient form of electronic payment.
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