Patrick O'Flynn,

agrees Brexit
Outside the EU, Britain would get to reoccupy its own seat at the WTO and conduct trade negotiations in its national interest once again, rather than being (mis)represented by an EU commissioner.
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Caroline Lucas,

disagrees Brexit
The security of Britain’s environmental policies is at stake in this referendum … people advocating an ‘out’ vote want to roll back environmental regulation … I think that’s a really frightening prospect.
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Ted Cruz, U.S. Senator, 2016 GOP candidate for President

agrees Brexit
If Brexit takes place, Britain will be at the front of the line for a free trade deal with America, not at the back. There is a vast amount of trade, commerce and investment between our two nations.
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Greg Hands,

disagrees Brexit
EU membership is an important factor in the UK’s position as a global financial centre, providing a gateway to European markets.
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George Galloway,

agrees Brexit
We want our people to choose our government and thus our direction. I'd rather take my chance with changing things in Britain than waiting for change in Bulgaria or in Poland or in Germany.

Marcus Wallenberg, Chairman of FAM and Vice Chairman of Investor AB

disagrees Brexit
It would be negative for both European and British finance, and probably not a very good thing for the UK generally.
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Stephen King, Adviser to HSBC

disagrees Brexit
Footballers that leave clubs where they have done well have sometimes underperformed thereafter. Could the UK be heading the same way?
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Panicos Demetriades, University of Leicester

disagrees Brexit
There is no doubt that Brexit is a factor that will weigh heavily on the prospects of the UK economy and beyond
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Richard Barwell, Senior Economist, BNP Paribas

disagrees Brexit
The safe bet is that the significant and sustained spike in uncertainty will weigh on growth. [...] This kind of shock to uncertainty will raise the hurdle rate on major investment projects leading companies to delay spending
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Peter Dixon, Economist, Commerzbank

disagrees Brexit
If we turn our back on our economic and political allies, we are operating in a world of much greater uncertainty and I would be much less optimistic about our economic future
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DeAnne Julius, Former MPC member, Chair of UCL

agrees Brexit
I would expect a month or two of financial market volatility to follow a "Leave" vote, and anxiety by certain business segments but not a significant hit to growth either in the short or medium term
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Grant Lewis, Head of Research, Daiwa Capital Markets Europe

disagrees Brexit
Any settlement that sees the UK access to EU markets restricted will clearly have a much greater impact on growth prospects - those who think that the Commonwealth can replace the EU as the UK's main trading partner are simply deluded
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Gerard Lyons, Chief Economic Adviser to Boris Johnson, the Mayor of London

agrees Brexit
In the medium term, Brexit would be better for the economy than remaining in an unreformed EU
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Patrick Minford, Professor of Applied Economics, Cardiff Business School, Cardiff University

agrees Brexit
In the medium and long term Breset will herald a major growth-boosting period as the UK breaks free of the over-mighty EU with its protectionist mindset and establishes free trade and intelligent regulation aimed at UK economic interests
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John van Reenen, Director of the Centre for Economic Performance

disagrees Brexit
The direct effects on income and GDP would be long-term and obviously depend on the exact negotiations of what follows. Under a pessimistic scenario we have estimated losses of real income over the long-run of a 6-9% of real income
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José Ángel Gurría, Secretary-General of the OECD

disagrees Brexit
We [the OECD] made a whole series of calculations and we came out saying Brexit is a tax ... It's equivalent to roughly missing on one month's income within four years and then it carries on ... and there's a consistent loss.
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Liz Kendall,

disagrees Brexit
Being a member of the EU is vital for jobs, growth and investment … It is only by working with other EU countries that we can build a better, more confident future for people in my constituency and across Britain.
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Mark Beeson, Professor of International Politics, University of Western Australia

disagrees Brexit
Outside of Europe’s all-important internal market and possibly without Scotland, England will be reduced to the geopolitical significance of Czech Republic.
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Tim Roache GMB,

disagrees Brexit
Does anybody actually believe that the European laws on things like maternity and parental leave … equal rights for part time workers … and so much more would be protected by the Conservatives [or] UKIP? Dream on if you do.
Open uri20170328 4 1w4dnuz?1490730535

John Hannett,

disagrees Brexit
If we were to leave the EU, there is a clear risk that such employment rights and protections would be dismantled by a UK Conservative government … [Our] campaign [to protect employment rights] will be best served through remaining in Europe.

Sir Roger Carr, Chaiman, BAE Systems

disagrees Brexit
With manufacturing accounting for 2.6 million jobs in the UK, continental Europe continues to represent the largest of our export markets for our products and a vital part of our long-term economic success.
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Theresa Villiers, Secretary of State for Northern Ireland, Member of Parliament for Chipping Barnet

agrees Brexit
If we Vote Leave we would be entitled to remove people who have entered the UK through our common border with Ireland if they are not entitled to be here … There would be no need to erect border controls between the UK and Ireland after we Vote Leave.
Open uri20160822 3 12y3ts?1471894381

Stephen Crabb,

disagrees Brexit
Being the first major economy in history to deliberately choose a second-rate, more restrictive trading relationship for itself would be a reckless thing to do.
Open uri20170328 4 1sjcqax?1490730688

Nicky Morgan, Member of Parliament for Loughborough, Secretary of State for Education

disagrees Brexit
If Britain leaves Europe it will be young people who suffer the most, left in limbo while we struggle to find and then negotiate an alternative model.
Open uri20160424 3 1x9d8yw?1461527659

Douglas Flint, Chairman of HSBC bank

disagrees Brexit
Our strong economic view is that Britain is better within a reformed Europe.
Open uri20160425 3 1pu2k7q?1461578009

Mark Williams, Member of Parliament for Ceredigion

disagrees Brexit
It is absolutely vital that we recognise the hugely important role that our membership of the European Union plays for many farmers in Ceredigion and throughout Wales … giving up on our membership … would have a terrible impact.
Open uri20170328 4 cs3zfx?1490730722

Allister Heath,

agrees Brexit
Genuine believers in enlightenment values must have the courage of their convictions …. they must learn to trust the people again: we are a sensible, grown-up nation, and we don’t need a bunch of European technocrats to force us to be free.
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Paul Drechsler, President, the CBI

disagrees Brexit
All the evidence that I have seen basically says there’s three to five percentage points in GDP - about £3,000 per household - value to the economy of being in Europe.
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Tony Burke, Assistant General Secretary, Unite trade union

disagrees Brexit
Outside of the EU, we won’t have the power of being in a market of 500 million people… What do the Brexiters think the US and EU countries will do if they want to trade with us? It won’t be a negotiation, they will probably send a fax saying ‘sign here'.
Open uri20170328 4 18gz07h?1490732554

Richard Newby, Liberal Democrat Peer and Chief Whip of Lib Dem group in House of Lords.

disagrees Brexit
We also know that the EU is well down the track of negotiating on trade deals with some of the largest economies in the world, including the US, Japan and India. When those are completed, we will get benefits from them by virtue of our membership.
Open uri20160503 3 b9c0y9?1462273521

Alistair Darling, Labour Member of Parliament 1987-2015, Chancellor of the Exchequer 2007-2010

disagrees Brexit
There is no trading arrangement outside the EU that gives us the free trade we rely on today. Leaving would put jobs, low prices and financial security at risk.
Open uri20160504 3 1d80swz?1462370610

Pascal Lamy , French political consultant and businessman. Director-General of the WTO 2005-2013

disagrees Brexit
As the former head of the WTO, let me be clear: this would be a terrible replacement for access to the EU single market ... it is very unlikely that the UK would be a more prosperous place [after a Brexit].
Open uri20160504 3 1p5qbkb?1462371313

Louise Bours, UKIP health spokesman and MEP for the North West region

agrees Brexit
If we don’t say goodbye to the EU, we will have to say goodbye to the NHS … Anyone still undecided needs to ask if they prefer the EU or the NHS, because it is clearer now than ever, that we cannot have both.

Moorad Choudhry, Head of Business Treasury, Global Banking and Markets at Royal Bank of Scotland

agrees Brexit
Far from being at risk of stagnation [after a Brexit], we would be able to present ourselves as a genuine open free market, no longer subject to EU bureaucracy and regulation. Expect things to go from strength to strength.
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James Carver MEP, UKIP Commonwealth Spokesman & West Mids MEP

agrees Brexit
The EU wants to give visa-free travel to all Turkish citizens by June, and eventually full Turkish accession. I certainly don't wish to be in a political union with a country with such a despicable human rights record.
Open uri20180824 4 ffvzal?1535128041

Donald J. Trump, President of the USA

agrees Brexit
I think the migration has been a horrible thing for Europe… A lot of that has been pushed by the EU. I would say that [the UK is] better off without it, personally.
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Shinzo Abe, Prime Minister of Japan. Leader of Liberal Democratic Party.

disagrees Brexit
A vote to leave would make the United Kingdom less attractive as a destination for Japanese investment… Britain has a greater voice in trade negotiations because it is part of the European Union.
Open uri20170328 4 1q1qnex?1490730575

Andrew Lewer,

agrees Brexit
On the whole people are incredibly tolerant and not being racist or aggressive, but they are expressing a view that infrastructure and local services can not stand so much migration.
Open uri20160815 3 1vd1qpm?1471291235

Crispin Blunt MP,

agrees Brexit
There is a positive role for the United Kingdom globally, playing a strong internationalist role… So my conclusion is that I want a positive story and a positive role for the United Kingdom, and so I think Brexit offers that option.
Open uri20170328 4 me6w93?1490730582

Richard Kemp, Former infantry battalion Commanding Officer, author

agrees Brexit
By leaving we will again be able to determine who does and does not enter the UK. Failure to do so significantly increases the terrorist threat here, endangers our people and is a betrayal of this country.
Open uri20170328 4 z6licx?1490730740

Steven Woolfe MEP, UKIP Migration & Financial Affairs Spokesman. MEP for North West England.

agrees Brexit
The United Nations has proved effective in preventing large scale conflicts between nations for over seventy years. Membership of the EU is irrelevant [from a security perspective].
Open uri20170328 4 frxp49?1490730590

David Frost, English journalist, comedian, writer, media personality and daytime tv game show host

disagrees Brexit
Scotch supports around 40,000 jobs in the UK… Europe has a taste for scotch. The industry will do better if we remain in the EU because whisky producers have hassle-free, easy access to the single market of 500 million people.
Open uri20160513 3 1gfcc65?1463128761

Norman Lamont, Former Conservative MP for Kingston-upon-Thames & Chancellor of the Exchequer

agrees Brexit
‘There are huge opportunities for the UK outside the EU. We are a strong economy and can stand on our own two feet like all other modern, independent countries.
Open uri20160513 3 1y38zmb?1463129452

Paul Drechsler, President of the Confederation of British Industry

disagrees Brexit
Membership affords the UK tariff-free access to more than 500 million consumers… We have… become a destination for foreign direct investment because we offer a platform into this market… if we’re out, there is no clarity… there’s no fast route.
Open uri20170328 4 o241vp?1490732565

Garry Kasparov,

disagrees Brexit
Brexit… would be a boon to the terror groups already active inside and outside Europe’s borders, to the Russian dictator who is crashing through those borders, and it would reduce the ability of the UK and Europe to resist these assaults.
Open uri20170328 4 1ey5x7s?1490732561

Lady Mone, Baroness Mone of Mayfair OBE, Entrepreneur, Startup Tsar for the Government

disagrees Brexit
At the end of the day we need to have stability… We need to get the country back, and the country going. And, yes, hindsight is a wonderful thing - if we weren't in the EU - but we are in the EU and I think it's too risky to come out.
Open uri20170328 4 11x24sx?1490730743

James Duddridge MP,

agrees Brexit
Arguably Europe is no longer the big growth market. We need to reassert ourselves in the commonwealth and with the anglosphere. The future is bright outside the European Union and our destiny in under out control. It makes sense to leave and leave now.
Open uri20160513 3 1sbpj2i?1463145129

Nick Morgan, Managing director, Le Ski

disagrees Brexit
You can basically add £50 to £100 onto the cost of your ski holiday if we leave… Anyone who imagines the French are going to renegotiate contracts the week after Brexit with no problem is fooling themselves.
Open uri20160513 3 1s7mj8b?1463146164

Howard Shore, Executive chairman, Shore Capital Group

agrees Brexit
[After a Brexit] we would be able to focus any trade negotiations on the sectors that are vital to the UK, rather than compromising with the interests of 27 other nations. Europe is economically stagnant and not where we will find long-term growth.
Open uri20160822 3 1xhlwkm?1471894480

Elizabeth Truss,

disagrees Brexit
If we were to leave the EU, Northern Ireland and the rest of the UK would not be able to negotiate a bilateral trade deal with the Republic of Ireland. Northern Ireland’s farmers would have no certainty on cross trade arrangements.
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