Open uri20160516 3 80e781?1463391596

Alex Chesterman, British internet entrepreneur who founded the property website Zoopla in 2007.

disagrees Brexit
We have benefited from access to both capital and talent as part of the EU and leaving would create both economic and political uncertainty, which could have a material impact on our currency, borrowing rates, house prices and wider consumer prices.
Open uri20170328 4 y24kkf?1490730601

Ian McKellen, Actor and activist

disagrees Brexit
It bothers me a bit that if Europe begins to break up then the idea that gay people should be looked after may go out the window. I think on those grounds, that’s why I’ll be voting to stay in.

Nadhim Zahawi, Member of the Foreign Affairs Select Committee and MP for Stratford On Avon.

agrees Brexit
If we take the option to seize control and vote to leave the European Union, we can create a well-targeted, agile regulatory system that provides protection for consumers while avoiding unnecessarily tying up our SMEs in red tape.
Open uri20160517 3 2rd7ha?1463482563

Sir Paul Collier, Professor of economics and public policy at the University of Oxford

disagrees Brexit
I don’t see the big benefits of leaving - I see a lot of risks. Some international businesses would just decided that Britain was not a good place to locate… that would cost us jobs and tax revenues and that, in turn, would hit ordinary families.
Open uri20160517 3 1tefwxm?1463482885

Timothy Garton Ash, Professor of European Studies at Oxford University

disagrees Brexit
Faced with rising superpowers like China... as well as old ones like Russia, clearly 500 million people have a lot more clout than just us… [leaving] would make Europe much weaker… Vladimir Putin would be laughing all the way to the rest of the Ukraine.
Open uri20160815 3 necku4?1471288939

Matt Ridley, Journalist, businessman and a Conservative member of the House of Lords.

agrees Brexit
Harmonising standards is good but doing so at the regional level makes no sense. In fintech, in ag-tech, in digital, in biotech – the action is at the global level, where our voice is just 1/28th of a seat. We could be chairing these bodies.
Open uri20160517 3 3x2as0?1463487407

Sir Richard Dearlove, Former head of MI6

agrees Brexit
The EU, as opposed to its member states, has no operational counterterrorist capability to speak of. Many European states look to the UK for training.
Open uri20170328 4 cjlhz1?1490732587

Chuka Umunna, Labour Member of Parliament for Streatham, former shadow business secretary

disagrees Brexit
The European Union through our membership of the single market helps ensure that people can access opportunities that otherwise they would not be able to access and for me that is the thing that seals the argument.

Dominic Cummings, Campaign director for Vote Leave and former government adviser

agrees Brexit
The EU has… narrowed everyone’s horizons in Whitehall so they’re not thinking about the big things in the world… They are constantly trying to stay one step ahead of the lawyers… how to avoid getting poleaxed at the next meeting in Brussels.
Open uri20160822 3 1dqh9x3?1471894350


disagrees Brexit
It is Europe that has protected, enhanced and extended the rights of working people in the UK for a generation or more… guaranteed a minimum amount of paid holiday; enshrined paternity leave and maternity leave in law.
Open uri20160520 3 72pf7o?1463758546

Alistair Spalding, Chief executive of Sadler’s Wells theatre in London

disagrees Brexit
There would be the nightmare of visa and work permit applications that we have to do… we would have to bring in more staff to deal with it… Honestly, I don’t think people really understand what a nightmare... leaving Europe [would be].
Open uri20160824 3 b0h9qr?1472038635

Hillary Clinton, US presidential candidate

We can’t fall into the trap set up by the gun lobby that says if you cannot stop every shooting you shouldn’t try to stop any
Open uri20160822 3 msn42h?1471894286

Yanis Varoufakis, Former finance minister of Greece, is Professor of Economics at the University of Athens

A simple policy would be to enact legislation requiring that a percentage of capital stock (shares) from every initial public offering (IPO) be channeled into a Commons Capital Depository, with the associated dividends funding a universal basic dividend
Open uri20170328 4 r93a0i?1490732878

Ebrahim Hemmatnia, Guiness Record Holding Ocean Biker

agrees Basic Income
The next Dutch government should make poverty in Holland #history by implementing #BasicIncome. #ModernSociety
Open uri20160822 3 ppr8p4?1471892223

Andrew Ng, Baidu; Stanford CS faculty; founded Coursera and Google Brain

US govt should focus on accelerating US AI, rather than trying to slow down anyone else.
Open uri20170114 4 18xec1r?1484414825

Daniel C. Dennett, Philosopher and Austin B. Fletcher Professor of Philosophy

The real danger, then, is not machines that are more intelligent than we are usurping our role as captains of our destinies. The real danger is basically clueless machines being cededauthority far beyond their competence.
Open uri20170114 4 1hb2ra5?1484413597

Chamath Palihapitiya,

I do think we will get ever precise capabilities in strictly defined systems (autonomous driving) where most of the hairiest and ambiguous rules will be ratified or voted on, but i don't see an "intelligent" brain anywhere around the corner
Open uri20170114 4 8kwjq6?1484413621

Aubrey de Grey, Gerontologist

Let's think hard now about the rights of thinking machines, so that well before recursive self-improvement arrives we can test our conclusions in the real world with machines that are only slightly aware of their goals. If, as I predict, we thereby discover that our best effort at such ethics fails utterly even at that early stage, maybe such work will cease.
Open uri20170129 4 bgkm3s?1485688420

Philippe Van Parijs, Professor at the Faculty of Economic, Social and Political Sciences of the University of Louvain

agrees Basic Income
Basic Income: a simple and powerful idea for the twenty-first century
Open uri20170114 4 1qh73xk?1484413623

Douglas Hofstadter, Professor of cognitive science. Pulitzer prize winner

Life and intelligence are far more complex than the current singularitarians seem to believe, so I doubt it will happen in the next couple of centuries
Open uri20170328 4 b6fg7t?1490732919

Tim Canova, Democrat Running for Florida's 23 Congressional District

agrees Basic Income
I support a minimum basic income, which was actually proposed by none other than President Richard Nixon and conservative economist Milton Friedman.
Open uri20170114 4 4g3lxg?1484413693

David Chalmers, Australian National University Professor

An intelligence explosion has enormous potential dangers: an end to the human race, an arms race of warring machines, the power to destroy the planet
Open uri20170114 4 b16dmb?1484413694

Bill Hibbard, Scientist

The threat level from AI justifies addressing AI dangers now and with significant resources
Open uri20170328 4 7gurdp?1490732908

Grady Booch, Software engineer. Developed UML

Might a superintelligent AI emerge? In some distant future, perhaps
Open uri20170328 4 1ddio23?1490732910

Eliezer Yudkowsky, AI researcher who popularized the idea of friendly artificial intelligence

Yudkowsky argues that as AI systems become increasingly intelligent, new formal tools will be needed in order to avert default incentives for harmful behavior, as well as to inductively teach correct behavior.
Open uri20170328 4 57y268?1490732904

Cancer Research UK, World's largest independent cancer research charity

The link between acrylamide and cancer has not yet been proven in humans

FoodStandardsAgency, UK department responsible for protecting public health

People can cut their risk, including opting for a gold colour - rather than darker brown - when frying, roasting, baking, grilling or toasting
Open uri20170129 4 8daycd?1485688421

François Blais, Minister of Employment and Social Solidarity of Quebec

agrees Basic Income
Basic income is the way of the future.
Open uri20170129 4 xuwma5?1485688348

Björn Wahlroos, One of Richest Men in Finland and Supporter of Free Markets

agrees Basic Income
We'll have to develop – and develop ourselves towards – a society where it'll be possible to guarantee the income level and well-being of people without ravaging the labour markets. And the solution will be a basic income scheme – be it this one or another one
Open uri20170129 4 kgc6x6?1485688350

Mike Bradley, Mayor of Sarnia, Ontario

agrees Basic Income
[I am] speaking out more lately for measures to deal with inequality – such as a basic income guarantee policy – because others don’t.
Open uri20170129 4 rebor4?1485688356

Dan Savage, LGBT Author and Activist

agrees Basic Income
Guaranteed minimum wage […] would relieve a whole lot of stress for a lot of working people and poor people
Open uri20170129 4 1atolge?1485688357

Josef Zotter, CEO Zotter Chocolates

agrees Basic Income
[With basic income,] people can rest and recover their freedom. Thus basic income would also unleash innovation [and relieve people from their] existential fears.
Open uri20170129 4 o3p1in?1485688359

Royal Society of Arts, British Policy Think Tank

agrees Basic Income
There is a strong practical case for the Basic Income – it underpins security, replaces the complexity of the current system, and provides a platform for freedom and creativity.

Food Banks Canada, Organization in Canada

agrees Basic Income
The time has come for the provinces and territories to dismantle what has become an understaffed, stressed, and ineffective bureaucratic system that hurts more than it helps. There exist several viable models for a basic income – administered through the tax system – that would eliminate the bureaucracy, the intrusiveness, and the stigma associated with welfare. Our recommendations include this si... See More
Open uri20170129 4 1gwzuvm?1485688346

Pranab Bardhan, Berkeley Economics Professor

agrees Basic Income
India should consider replacing inefficient subsidies with a basic monthly income for all citizens
Open uri20170129 4 gk8r30?1485688377

Jonathan Reynolds, Labour MP

agrees Basic Income
Moderates within the Labour Party shouldn’t be afraid to embrace radical ideas. I’m coming out for Basic Income.
Open uri20170129 4 w7u3dc?1485688379

Bill Gross, Billionaire investor, Janus Capital

agrees Basic Income
Instead we should spend money where it’s needed most – our collapsing infrastructure for instance, health care for an aging generation and perhaps on a revolutionary new idea called UBI – Universal Basic Income. If more and more workers are going to be displaced by robots, then they will need money to live on, will they not?
Open uri20170129 4 x7gr7f?1485688389

Thom Hartmann, Radio Host

agrees Basic Income
If conservatives really want to do away with “wasteful” and “overly bureaucratic” social services in the U.S. - services like Medicaid, Social Security and foodstamps - there’s an easy alternative. It’s simple. It encourages personal responsibility. And it will do away with our current mess of programs that make up our social safety net. All we have to do is guarantee every person a universal, and... See More
Open uri20170925 4 goeq7d?1506362112

Chris Hughes, Co-founder of Facebook

agrees Basic Income
I’m supportive of the idea of a basic income over the long term and believe that one day something of this size will likely be necessary to cope with the impact of automation and globalized trade on the United States.
Open uri20170129 4 594vqx?1485688391

Zoe Keating, Celebrity Cellist

agrees Basic Income
I think Universal Basic Income has legs.
Open uri20170129 4 h4wdcs?1485688571

Dylan Matthews, Journalist at Vox

agrees Basic Income
I think the main reason there should be universal basic income is that it's very important to have a cash safetynet that is extensive and universal.
Open uri20170129 4 1g56lxd?1485688423

Robin Chase, Founder of ZipCar

agrees Basic Income
Basic income is the long-term answer to the increasing precariousness of ordinary people in a global economy that can shift their jobs to the other side of the world in a heartbeat.
Open uri20170328 4 19h7x9s?1490732913

Elizabeth May, Green Party of Canada

agrees Basic Income
Paying everyone a basic income will end poverty and save money
Open uri20170129 4 1t4ks57?1485688404

Jeremy Rifkin, American Economic and Social Theorist, Author, Political Advisor

agrees Basic Income
Basic income is not a utopia. It's a practical business plan for the next step of the human journey
Open uri20170129 4 bm0uz1?1485688409

Chris Hayes, Host of All In with Chris Hayes on MSNBC

agrees Basic Income
I am very much pro basic income
Open uri20170129 4 1qpevu4?1485688411

Scott Phoenix, Entrepreneur and Cofounder of Vicarious

agrees Basic Income
I am a big fan of work programs and universal basic income. Government and society has a role to play in ensuring a smooth transition between technological disruption. We can have a society where there are tons of jobs for everyone. There is always going to be stuff to do. It is a matter of making sure that when someone was doing one thing and they were used to doing that thing, there are useful t... See More
Open uri20170129 4 11f8qb?1485688412

Amol Rajan, Editor-at-Large of The Independent

agrees Basic Income
Guaranteed income is the kind of radical idea we urgently need
Open uri20170129 4 3765xe?1485688414

Tim Draper, Billionaire Venture Capitalist

agrees Basic Income
Giving everyone $15,000 would put everyone on the same level. They could do with it whatever they wanted, but having the financial security of some basic money to live on, would give them the opportunity to work on what they want. Work is everything,
Open uri20170129 4 1ukk8xx?1485688418

Andrew Gamble, Sir Isaiah Berlin Award for Lifetime Contribution to Political Studies

agrees Basic Income
Building a political coalition around the idea of basic income would help end the resentment of those in work contributing to support those who are not able to work or cannot find jobs. Payment of a basic income to everyone would price workers into many more jobs which at present do not pay enough for people to live on.
Open uri20180430 4 7lj0ns?1525063808

Owen Jones, Columnist for the Guardian and the New Statesmen

agrees Basic Income
Basic income – where we all are given a payment from the state as a right of citizenship – should be introduced.
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