Open uri20170810 4 1r5ab78?1502347841

Alex Burton,

No, we don't support that ban. I want our military to be completely open. It is right that the military should be equally open to anybody, irrespective of their race, their colour, their gender their sexuality. That is only right.
Open uri20170328 4 15wih1z?1490731436

Steve King, US representative for Iowa

We don’t need to be experimenting with the military. Plus there’s no reason to take on that kind of financial burden
Open uri20170810 4 140cf27?1502357012

James Mattis, United States Secretary of Defense

On my first day as Secretary of Defense, I wrote, ‘Every action we take will be designed to ensure our military is ready to fight today and in the future.’ It is imperative we align our actions to our larger mission and that we disaggregate priorities that increase the lethality of our forces from functions that are wasteful and unnecessary
Open uri20170810 4 lnxwgr?1502373030

Canadian Forces,

We welcome Canadians of all sexual orientations and gender identities [in the Canadian Forces]
Open uri20170328 4 1h9jtbs?1490731641

Kevin Yoder, Republican US Representative

In an era where the United States depends on a voluntary fighting force to protect our freedoms, anyone who wants to serve our country should be able to. But I believe taxpayer dollars should not be spent on gender reassignment therapies or surgeries
Open uri20170822 4 1kakpdw?1503405856

Andrus Ansip, European Commissioner for Digital Single Market and Vice President of the European Commission

disagrees Robot Tax
I am not in favor of taxing progress as others would take a lead in areas such as artificial intelligence, leaving Europe behind.
Open uri20170816 4 1thjyrx?1502904701

Harvard University, Undergraduate liberal arts college of Harvard University

Within its holistic admissions process, and as part of its effort to build a diverse class, Harvard College has demonstrated a strong record of recruiting and admitting Asian American students. For instance, the percentage of admitted Asian American students admitted to Harvard College has increased from 17.6 percent to 21 percent over the past decade.
Open uri20170817 4 roal3w?1502983593

Andrew Lam, Assistant professor of ophthalmology at Tufts University School of Medicine, and writer

There’s ample evidence that Asian-Americans are at a disadvantage in college admissions. This issue has divided Asians and others who debate the relative benefits of diversity versus meritocracy in our society. But if Asians are being held back, it’s not so much because of affirmative action but because of preference for whites.
Open uri20160822 3 ppr8p4?1471892223

Andrew Ng, Baidu; Stanford CS faculty; founded Coursera and Google Brain

Shameful to discriminate against transgendered individuals in the military. Lets all of us work to help any that're affected find new jobs.
Open uri20180614 4 14okt27?1529000097

Mady Delvaux, Luxembourgish politician and Member of the European Parliament

agrees Robot Tax
Delvaux's report recommended making companies report the effects of artificial intelligence and robotics on their economic results "for the purpose of taxation and social security contributions."
Open uri20170831 4 1knq94m?1504188378

Benoît Hamon, Socialist Party candidate for the 2017 French presidential election

agrees Robot Tax
The idea [of my proposed robot tax] is to make sure that companies whose robot equipment or artificial intelligence increase the global output, employment and redistribution to employees will not be penalized
Open uri20180212 4 mxl92b?1518432632

Leonid Bershidsky, Journalist

disagrees Robot Tax
Automation did play a certain role in determining less-educated workers' life choices [i.e. losing their routine jobs and being forced either into unemployment or into the service sector]. But, Cortes, Jaimovich and Siu wrote, other factors were at least no less important. They specifically named "the share of high-skilled workers and their occupational choice, outsourcing and trade, and changes i... See More
Open uri20170831 4 1ip4irz?1504188390

James Bessen, Lecturer in Law at the Boston University School of Law, economist and writer

disagrees Robot Tax
Although automation will lead to further job losses in manufacturing, warehouse operations, and truck driving, the overall impact of automation across most industries will be to increase employment. Even though the pace of advances in robotics and artificial intelligence may accelerate over the next two decades, the impact of that change—whether it tends to increase or decrease employment—depends ... See More
Open uri20170831 4 1dafrgk?1504188392

Lawrence H. Summers, Harvard economist and former US Treasury secretary

disagrees Robot Tax
First, I cannot see any logic to singling out robots as job destroyers. There are many kinds of innovation that allow the production of more or better output with less labor input. Why pick on robots? Second, much innovative activity, even of a robotlike variety, involves producing better goods and services rather than simply extracting more output from the same input. Third, and perhaps most fund... See More
Open uri20160822 3 msn42h?1471894286

Yanis Varoufakis, Former finance minister of Greece, is Professor of Economics at the University of Athens

disagrees Robot Tax
Either the robot sales tax should be dropped or it should be generalized into a capital goods sales tax. But imagine the uproar against a tax on all capital goods: Woe betide those who would diminish domestic productivity and competitiveness!
Open uri20170824 4 1qosqwx?1503560936

Jess Phillips, Labour MP for Birmingham Yardley

[It is an] absolutely terrible idea. Also, men should be incredibly annoyed by [the] suggestion they can't control themselves.

Catherine Mayer , Women's Equality Party founder

Women-only carriages are not a good idea
Open uri20170831 4 10epgtq?1504188404

Laura Bates,

[I would] never suggest segregation is the answer. It has to be about sending a clear message that this issue, which is already so normalised in our society, can be further normalised by the idea that women should simply go somewhere else
Open uri20170824 4 1lgt76n?1503561744

EVAW Coalition, Campaign group End Violence Against Women

And what happens when a woman doesn't opt to use a segregated carriage - is she somehow to blame if she is then attacked?
Open uri20160822 3 ppr8p4?1471892223

Andrew Ng, Baidu; Stanford CS faculty; founded Coursera and Google Brain

Tech world is used to tectonic shift every 5 years from new inventions. Now tech has infected other industries so everyone has to shift.
Open uri20160822 3 ppr8p4?1471892223

Andrew Ng, Baidu; Stanford CS faculty; founded Coursera and Google Brain

With so much information now online, a strong work ethic and growth mindset, even more than knowledge, predicts your future success.

Mary Meeker, Partner at the Silicon Valley venture capital firm Kleiner Perkins

Immigration = Important for USA Technology job creation
Open uri20170824 4 lkalci?1503563629

Mitteldeutsche Regiobahn, German rail operator

Women-only carriages are used frequently in countries such as Japan, India, Mexico, Brazil, Egypt and Indonesia in an attempt to prevent sexual assaults.
Open uri20170824 4 1mc6hvk?1503582920

Jane Kim, American civil rights attorney and politician, member of the San Francisco Board of Supervisors

agrees Robot Tax
As workers are displaced, the companies should continue to pay a portion of the lost tax into a fund that can then be used for education, retraining and targeted investments in new industries. This modest tax will help smooth the transition for our workers, providing them with better opportunities.
Open uri20170824 4 13atnn1?1503583349

Moon Jae-in , Current President of South Korea

agrees Robot Tax
Moon Jae-in administration said it will downsize the tax deduction benefits that previous governments provided to enterprises for infrastructure investment aimed at boosting productivity. Though it is not about a direct tax on robots, it can be interpreted as a similar kind of policy considering that both involve the same issue of industrial automation

Vikram David Amar ,

The narrative that underlies the Students for Fair Admissions lawsuit — that Asian Americans need higher SAT scores to get into elite schools — is powerful. But it is also deeply misleading. It feeds the myth that elite universities have required scores for applicants and that meeting these requirements should guarantee acceptance. In reality, in elite admissions, a high SAT score is generally a n... See More
Open uri20170831 4 qllr4?1504188402

Xavier Oberson,

agrees Robot Tax
Our analysis suggests that a tax on the use of robots would make sense, as a potential solution for addressing the development of robots on the labour market. In essence, we believe that granting a legal personality to robots could lead to the emergence of an electronic ability to pay, which should be recognised for tax purposes. After all, we have seen in the past that states, when required, may ... See More
Open uri20170824 4 1pz6s29?1503585471

Princeton University, Ivy League University

The university does not admit students in categories. In the admission process, no particular factor is assigned a fixed weight and there is no formula for weighing the various aspects of the application.

Simon Jenkins,

Like the current zombie cult of maths, languages are beloved of reactionary educators for one reason: they are easy to test, quantify and regiment. They are the raw material for education’s new Holy Grail, the league table. Challenge the usefulness of such subjects, and teachers fall back on the medieval saw, that “they train the mind”. They used to say that of Latin – and corporal punishment. The... See More
Open uri20170827 4 4ipt4x?1503849777

Judith Kroll, Distinguished Professor of Psychology, Penn State

The belief was that people who could speak two or more languages had difficulty using either. The bottom line is that bilingualism is good for you.

The Royal Society, Fellowship of the world's most eminent scientists

Every child should have the opportunity to learn Computing at school, including exposure to Computer Science as a rigorous academic discipline.

Gaby Hinsliff,

Perhaps that is the single most honest argument for teaching everyone to code: to give everyone an equal shot
Open uri20160822 3 ppr8p4?1471892223

Andrew Ng, Baidu; Stanford CS faculty; founded Coursera and Google Brain

Need to time technology well: 2007 was good time to launch iPhone; but not 1993 (Apple Newton) since battery/screen/chip tech not there. Extreme example: Leonardo da Vinci (1480s) invention of helicopters was way too early. Engine technology didn’t get there until 1900s. Maybe 2007 was early for autonomous driving (DARPA Urban Challenge) since AI, sensors not yet there. From ~2015 ecosystem more r... See More
Open uri20170829 4 110ols7?1504025037

Evgeny Morozov, Writer ans researcher on political and social implications of technology.

disagrees Basic Income
Basic income, therefore, is often seen as the Trojan horse that would allow tech companies to position themselves as progressive, even caring – the good cop to Wall Street’s bad cop – while eliminating the hurdles that stand in the way of further expansion. Goodbye to all those cumbersome institutions of the welfare state, employment regulations that guarantee workers’ rights or subversive attemp... See More
Open uri20170328 4 1f4r9k3?1490731534

Bill Posey, US Republican Congressman

disagrees Vaccines
We have an autism epidemic [in the US]. But for some reasons they refuse to acknowledge it publicly. Dr Boyle [CDC’s spokesperson on autism and vaccines] admitted that the federal government has never done a very simple, fundamental, basic study comparing autism rates in vaccinated vs. unvaccinated children. The CDC cannot be trusted regarding investigating vaccine safety. Huge conflict of interes... See More
Open uri20170603 4 seurnf?1496476789

The Economist, Weekly magazine-format newspaper

Overall, women earn on average 79% of what men do, but this gap can be almost entirely explained by the fact that men are more likely to do highly paid jobs—not because they are paid more than women doing the same work. In Britain, France and Germany, for example, around 80-90% of executive jobs, and less than two-thirds of clerical jobs, are held by men. Closing the gender pay gap will therefore ... See More
Open uri20160123 3 1oempkd?1453581274

Stephen Odell, Global marketing chief of Ford Motor Company.

disagrees Brexit
That would be devastating for the UK economy.
Open uri20160123 3 fusilm?1453581298

Robin Southwell, Ex-UK Managing Director, Airbus

disagrees Brexit
Airbus would never have achieved its success to date without a working and effective partnership of countries and companies within Europe, which only collectively can deliver the scale required to be globally successful.
Open uri20160123 3 1he7ks8?1453581286

Peter Brabeck-Letmathe, Chairman and former CEO of Nestlé and chairman of Formula One

disagrees Brexit
From a purely economic point of view, I can't see that the withdrawal of the UK [from the EU] would be favourable for any UK industries...It would isolate the UK economically.
Open uri20160822 3 1j8kgib?1471894224

Ronan Dunne, CEO, Telefonica UK

disagrees Brexit
A Britain in Europe is a better environment for investment in the UK than a Britain out of Europe
Open uri20160123 3 1rxdb7d?1453581344

John Allan, Chairman, Tesco

disagrees Brexit
London has more regional and global headquarters than any city in the world and some of those headquarters could actually be moved relatively painlessly to places within the EU.
Open uri20170328 4 lq0tqz?1490730585

Enda Kenny, Irish Prime Minister

disagrees Brexit
The EU has been an important, perhaps underestimated, enabler of peace in Northern Ireland.
Open uri20160824 3 15233of?1472038236

Louise Mensch, Author and former conservative MP

agrees Brexit
Every week Britain sends half the budget for our schools to Brussels. £350m.
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Ruth Lea, Economic adviser, Arbuthnot Banking Group

agrees Brexit
[Brexit would] improve prospects: the UK would be able to appeal/amend irksome regulations [...], would be able to negotiate its own trade deals, would be able to run a non-discriminatory immigration policy without having to favour EU nationals
Missing mini

Andrew Simms, Director, New Weather Economics

disagrees Brexit
The sheer complexity of continuing European and global economic interdependence would replace one Europe-wide set of agreements with a thicket of even more. [...] All prospects would become trickier and harder still to navigate
Open uri20170328 4 17w1hmw?1490730729

Peter Hargreaves, Co-founder of Hargreaves Lansdown, one of the UK's largest financial services businesses

agrees Brexit
I'm firmly convinced, that day – hopefully – we decide to leave, that little bit of insecurity, that little bit of unknown, will be an absolute fillip to everyone … It will be a great incentive for us to go out and prove that it's right.
Open uri20160412 3 1p3u1p6?1460483702

Maurice Obstfeld, Chief Economist at the International Monetary Fund

disagrees Brexit
The planned June referendum on European Union membership has already created uncertainty for investors; a ‘Brexit’ could do severe regional and global damage by disrupting established trading relationships.
Open uri20170328 4 acbpsa?1490730682

Clive Jacobs,

agrees Brexit
The EU is undemocratic, FACT and we are being subjected to a campaign of fear to suit people's financial agendas rather than democracy!
Open uri20160424 3 1uog9rc?1461528586

Sir Malcolm Rifkind, Former Conservative Member of Parliament for Kensington & Chelsea

disagrees Brexit
The EU is indispensable … Ending our current access to European co-operation in the battle against terrorism would delight our enemies and be nothing short of monumental folly.

Philip Davies MP, British Conservative Party politician, Member of Parliament for Shipley in West Yorkshire.

agrees Brexit
[Theresa May] says EU membership is vital as it has allowed the extradition of 5,000 criminals from the UK. That's dwarfed by the number being arrested on our streets every year. Being outside the EU would allow us to be able to stop them coming.
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