Open uri20180119 4 15e8lsj?1516379626

Reza Moghadam, Economist and Vice-chairman for sovereigns and official institutions at Morgan Stanley

Macron is right - the Eurozone needs a finance minister. [...] it focuses on the essential: a collective action mechanism for managing and stabilising economies in crisis. It also does so without the need for EU Treaty changes
Open uri20180119 4 yvm0gt?1516381291

Jeroen Dijsselbloem, Former Dutch Finance Minister and former President of the Eurogroup

Quite a large number of ministers feel that to complement our toolkit with a fiscal capacity as a stabilization tool would be useful
Open uri20170831 4 1dafrgk?1504188392

Lawrence H. Summers, Harvard economist and former US Treasury secretary

agrees Soda taxes
We have strong evidence from around the world that raising taxes on products like tobacco, sugar sweetened beverages and alcohol is highly effective at reducing harmful consumption and saving lives. I think this is about as close to free-lunch, win-win policy as economists have found

François Villeroy de Galhau, French Central Bank Governor

Le pilier monétaire existe et il est solide, la BCE fait son travail. Ce qui manque terriblement est le second pilier, une meilleure coordination des politiques économiques. C'est pourquoi je propose la nomination d'un ministre des Finances européen. Depuis 2011, l'absence de gouvernance a coûté 2 à 5 points de PIB à l'eurozone et donc des millions d'emplois
Open uri20180120 4 2gkznr?1516448344

Vítor Constâncio, Vice President of the European Central Bank

L’idée de désigner un ministre des finances est très récente et probablement, liée au fait qu’il faut établir de telles fonctions au niveau central de la zone euro de manière à avoir quelqu’un qui soit responsable de la gestion des nouvelles tâches et de la stabilisation de l’Union monétaire.
Open uri20180119 4 bs5pg2?1516381481

Guntram Wolff, Director of Brussels-based think tank Bruegel

A European finance minister — as Juncker outlined it — is a misnomer that will create false expectations and confusion. […] It would be unwise to create totally new euro area institutions beyond the ESM that would only aggravate the division between countries inside the euro area and those outside.
Open uri20180406 4 11trg6e?1523033793

Emmanuel Macron, French President

Pornography has nowadays entered schools. We cannot on the one hand blame violences against women, and on the other hand close our eyes on the influence that porn, which makes of sexuality a theatre of humiliation and violences against women - who come across as having given consent -, exerts on young souls.
Open uri20180128 4 63tf3x?1517178527

Anna Polina, Porn actress and model

Young guys have access to pornographic orgies without having any reading grid to understand what they are seeing
Open uri20180127 4 1lm5vu4?1517083687

Paul Buchheit, Lead developer of Gmail, founder of FriendFeed. and investor in Y Combinator

agrees Basic Income
I don't have to work. I choose to work. And I believe that everyone deserves the same freedom I have. If done right, it's also economically superior, meaning that we will all have more wealth. We often talk about how brilliant or visionary Steve Jobs was, but there are probably millions of people just as brilliant as he was. The difference is that they likely didn't grow up with great parents, am... See More
Open uri20180406 4 11trg6e?1523033793

Emmanuel Macron, French President

[We need] deeper integration between eurozone states, including a real eurozone budget [and a] a permanent finance minister who leads this executive. This is a democratic responsibility on the eurozone level, and as such it requires maximum ambition
Open uri20180614 4 8jjg7b?1528997628

Centre for Policy Studies, Head of economic research at the Centre for Policy Studies (free-market British think tank)

disagrees Robot Tax
Going ahead with a robot tax or other measures that would discourage investment in capital would be hugely damaging for the UK. The UK already suffers from a low capital-labour ratio, which is dampening productivity growth and holding back wage increases. Corbyn’s plans would exacerbate this problem and simply encourage new technologies and economic activity to locate elsewhere. The result would ... See More
Open uri20180214 4 24wmbw?1518630548

Capital Economics, London based economic research consultancy

disagrees Cryptocurrencies
Bitcoin has all the hallmarks of a classic speculative bubble, which we expect to burst. Triggers for the bubble to burst could be a further crackdown by regulators or a major hacking attempt.
Open uri20180215 4 1w5u799?1518727504

People’s Bank of China, Central bank of the People's Republic of China

Conditions are ripe to embrace the technology.
Open uri20180215 4 mgiygw?1518727914

Duetsche Bundesbank, Central bank of the Federal Republic of Germany

disagrees Cryptocurrencies
[Bitcoin] more of a speculative plaything than a form of payment.
Open uri20170704 4 1rbvkx6?1499176040

Bill Gross, American investor, co-Founder of PIMCO

agrees Basic Income
If more and more workers are going to be displaced by robots, then they will need money to live on, will they not? And if that strikes you as a form of socialism, I would suggest we get used to it
Open uri20170515 4 1rubhfv?1494870877

Bob Greenstein,

disagrees Basic Income
UBI would replace virtually every program in the federal budget focused on low- or moderate-income people. No food stamps. No Medicaid. [...] I share the goals; I just don’t think you can get there from here. And I want to focus on progress we can make.
Open uri20180215 4 17re0py?1518726994

Jordan Belfort, Motivational speaker and former 'Wolf of Wall St' stockbroker

disagrees Cryptocurrencies
It’s just human nature to jump on the bandwagon, it’s what every great bubble is made of and they’ll call this the greatest bubble of all time.
Open uri20180222 4 1vsmmfv?1519319766

Vítor Constâncio, Portuguese economist and Vice President of the European Central Bank

disagrees Cryptocurrencies
Bitcoin is a sort of tulip.
Open uri20180215 4 1xfl1uu?1518727668

Bank of Japan, Central bank of Japan

disagrees Cryptocurrencies
We aren’t at the stage of considering issuing a digital currency because there is no demand.
Open uri20180214 4 3fiw?1518630302

Nouriel Roubini,

disagrees Cryptocurrencies
Bitcoin is the mother of all bubbles, favoured by charlatans and swindlers.
Open uri20180214 4 zrj4lk?1518627296

Mike Novogratz, Former hedge fund Fortress manager

disagrees Cryptocurrencies
This is a bubble and there is a lot of froth. This is going to be the biggest bubble of our lifetimes.
Open uri20180215 4 rqodv4?1518728178

Bank of England, Central bank of the United Kingdom

disagrees Cryptocurrencies
There are some fundamental problems if you push the retail design all the way down, unless you restrict the amount that people have.
Open uri20180215 4 1mdffnm?1518728314

Bank of France, Central bank of France

disagrees Cryptocurrencies
[We] advise great caution with respect to bitcoin because there is no public institution behind it to provide confidence. In history all examples of private currencies ended badly.

Banco Central do Brasil, Brazil's central bank

[We] support financial innovation, including new technologies that make the financial system safer and more efficient.
Open uri20180215 4 vtz5h0?1518728833

Government of South Korea, National Government of South Korea

I can assure you that the government has consistently maintained a close and careful approach to market conditions and international trends, keeping all possible means open.
Open uri20180215 4 1088zat?1518729478

De Nederlandsche Bank, Central Bank of the Netherlands

DNB is interested because blockchain may have implications for the overarching goal of financial stability and her three primary tasks: 1) promote the smooth functioning of the payment system, 2) prudential supervision and oversight and 3) monetary policy.
Open uri20180215 4 1wz15o2?1518729991

Reserve Bank of New Zealand, Central bank of New Zealand

Digital currencies, cryptocurrencies, are a real and serious proposition for the future.
Open uri20180215 4 1f2wutm?1518730938

European Securities and Markets Authority (ESMA), European Union financial regulatory institution and European Supervisory Authority

disagrees Cryptocurrencies
VCs such as Bitcoin, are subject to extreme price volatility and have shown clear signs of a pricing bubble and consumers buying VCs should be aware that there is a high risk that they will lose a large amount, or even all, of the money invested.

Central Bank of the Republic of Turkey, Central bank of the Republic of Turkey

[Cryptocurrencies could] contribute to financial stability.
Open uri20180215 4 pxywgr?1518728975

Central Bank of Russia, Central bank of the Russian Federation

disagrees Cryptocurrencies
We don’t legalise pyramid schemes... We are totally opposed to private money, no matter if it is in physical or virtual form.
Open uri20180215 4 gobrgw?1518729893

Sveriges Riksbank, Central bank of Sweden

It was in Stockholm that the first modern banknote was created more than 350 years ago, and that it is here, in Sweden, that cash is currently taking its last breaths. Perhaps the Riksbank will be writing history again.
Open uri20180215 4 yzqhoa?1518731117

European Banking Authority, A regulatory agency of the European Union

disagrees Cryptocurrencies
The risks, by contrast, are manifold. More than 70 risks were identified across several categories, including risks to users; risks to non-user market participants; risks to financial integrity, such as money laundering and other financial crime; risks to existing payment systems in conventional FCs, and risks to regulatory authorities.
Open uri20180215 4 184lb0n?1518730638

William C. Dudley, President of Federal Reserve Bank of New York

disagrees Cryptocurrencies
[Bitcoin is] more of a speculative activity.
Open uri20180215 4 8788c4?1518729104

Reserve Bank of Australia, Australian central bank

disagrees Cryptocurrencies
The current fascination with these currencies feels more like a speculative mania than it has to do with their use as an efficient and convenient form of electronic payment.
Open uri20180215 4 4qlkcp?1518730264

Ministry of Economy and Finance (Morocco), The Moroccan Ministry in charge of the economic and financial policy of Morocco

disagrees Cryptocurrencies
This is a hidden payment system that is not backed by an organization, the use of virtual currencies entails significant risks for their users.
Open uri20180215 4 sk0x89?1518730365

Bank for International Settlements, International financial institution[2] owned by central banks

Anything that grows in price as fast as bitcoin has done it, without having a real clear understanding of what is behind it, should at least raise some eyebrows. Policy makers can’t ignore the growth of cryptocurrencies and will likely have to consider whether it makes sense for them to issue their own digital currencies at some point.
Open uri20180216 4 1r41i9y?1518793436

Christine Lagarde, IMF Managing Director

disagrees Cryptocurrencies
It's clearly a domain where we need international regulation and proper supervision.
Open uri20180216 4 1oblcfe?1518793530

Steven Mnuchin, 77th and current United States Secretary of the Treasury as part of the cabinet of Donald Trump

disagrees Cryptocurrencies
We encourage fintech, we encourage innovation, but we want to make sure that all of our financial markets are safe and aren't being used for illicit activities.
Open uri20180824 4 1iz03sq?1535128658

Theresa May, Prime minister of the United Kingdom

disagrees Cryptocurrencies
Cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin, we should be looking at these very seriously, precisely because of the way that they can be used, particularly by criminals.
Open uri20160411 3 9alcdp?1460386992

Roger Bootle, Executive chairman, Capital Economics

agrees Brexit
If leaving the EU is a leap in the dark, then staying in is a leap in the dark with both legs shackled together and our arms tied behind our back.
Open uri20180216 4 1gsojna?1518793964

Peter Altmaier, German politician serving as the Chief of Staff of the German Chancellery and as Federal Minister fo

disagrees Cryptocurrencies
[Cryptocurrencies] could pose substantial risks for investors.
Open uri20180216 4 17juar7?1518794116

Brad Garlinghouse, CEO of financial technology company Ripple

At its core, all of this comes down to if we are solving real problems for real customers. If the cryptocurrency market overall or a digital asset is solving a problem, it’s going to drive some value.
Open uri20180216 4 13b2fjk?1518794277

Jay Clayton, American attorney and Chairman of the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission

disagrees Cryptocurrencies
Market participants, including lawyers, trading venues, and financial services firms, should be aware that we are disturbed by many examples of form being elevated over substance, with form-based arguments depriving investors of mandatory protections.
Open uri20180216 4 mnl0em?1518794415

J. Christopher Giancarlo, Chairman of the United States Commodity Futures Trading Commission (CFTC)

disagrees Cryptocurrencies
The SEC will vigorously pursue those who seek to evade the registration, disclosure and anti-fraud requirements of our securities laws.
Open uri20180817 4 5ckwy9?1534504811

Joseph Stiglitz, Nobel laureate economist based at Columbia University

disagrees Cryptocurrencies
[Governments will] regulate it out of existence.
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