Open uri20180216 4 5hncy3?1518798619

50 Cent, American rapper, entrepreneur, investor, and actor · 16 Feb 2018

A little bitcoin anyone? LOL. l know l make you sick but excuse me...I’m getting to the bag.
Open uri20180216 4 1ry7s87?1518798496

Jamie Foxx, American actor, stand-up comedian, musician, and talk radio host · 16 Feb 2018

Looking forward to participating in the new @cobinhood Token! ZERO fee trading!
Open uri20180216 4 1i7o897?1518798440

Mike Tyson, Former heavyweight champion and professional boxer · 16 Feb 2018

I’m honored to join the bitcoin revolution with my very first bitcoin ATM.
Open uri20180216 4 f62rd8?1518798318

DJ Khaled, American record producer, radio personality, rapper, dj and record label executive · 16 Feb 2018

Spend and store your digital assets such as Bitcoin, ethereum and more securely...
Open uri20180216 4 1ucii4b?1518798185

Floyd Mayweather, American professional boxing promoter and former professional boxer · 16 Feb 2018

You can call me Floyd Crypto Mayweather from now on...
Open uri20180216 4 kretm4?1518797990

Katy Perry, American singer, songwriter and actress · 16 Feb 2018

$—CrYpTo ClAwS—$
Open uri20180216 4 44dfic?1518797918

Ashton Kutcher, Actor from the United States · 16 Feb 2018

[Bitcoin is] decentralising the world.
Open uri20180216 4 f5fbkz?1518797845

Richard Branson, Founder of Virgin (400 companies) · 16 Feb 2018

I think it is working. There will be other currencies like it that may be even better, but in the meantime there's a big industry around bitcoin. You know, people have made fortunes out of bitcoin, some people have lost money out of bitcoin.
Open uri20180216 4 1xhgfl4?1518797711

Nas, American hip hop recording artist · 16 Feb 2018

[Bitcoin] will evolve into an industry as big, if not bigger, than the Internet. My man Ben Horowitz really opened my eyes to that point. This isn't of the Internet age, bitcoin is its own age.
Open uri20180216 4 15m2k0h?1518797488

Ted-Jan Bloemen, Dutch-Canadian long track speed skater · 16 Feb 2018

Bloemen's support for cutting-edge technologies is reflective of his proclivity for pushing the boundaries.
Open uri20180216 4 1l5wry1?1518796594

Atari, Pioneer in arcade games, home video game consoles, and home computers · 16 Feb 2018

To broaden the appeal of these new casinos, and once the Atari Token available, Atari has the project to launch Pong Token, a second token dedicated to crypto-casinos and usable on these gaming sites. The details of this launch of crypto-casinos will be announced soon.

Samsung, South Korean multinational conglomerate · 16 Feb 2018

We are in the middle of a foundry business that is being supplied to a virtual money mining company in China.
Open uri20180216 4 zau5oy?1518794575

John Kerry, American politician, former United States Secretary of State and former senator from Massachusetts · 16 Feb 2018

People are investing in it, it’s serious amounts of money and it’s got value so it’s going to be talked about.
Open uri20180216 4 17juar7?1518794116

Brad Garlinghouse, CEO of financial technology company Ripple · 16 Feb 2018

At its core, all of this comes down to if we are solving real problems for real customers. If the cryptocurrency market overall or a digital asset is solving a problem, it’s going to drive some value.

Central Bank of the Republic of Turkey, Central bank of the Republic of Turkey · 16 Feb 2018

[Cryptocurrencies could] contribute to financial stability.
Open uri20180216 4 p47iml?1518793023

Jamie Dimon, Chairman, CEO and President of JP Morgan Chase · 16 Feb 2018

[Bitcoin ETFs could be the] holy grail for owners and investors.
Open uri20180215 4 sk0x89?1518730365

Bank for International Settlements, International financial institution[2] owned by central banks · 16 Feb 2018

Anything that grows in price as fast as bitcoin has done it, without having a real clear understanding of what is behind it, should at least raise some eyebrows. Policy makers can’t ignore the growth of cryptocurrencies and will likely have to consider whether it makes sense for them to issue their own digital currencies at some point.
Open uri20180215 4 1wz15o2?1518729991

Reserve Bank of New Zealand, Central bank of New Zealand · 15 Feb 2018

Digital currencies, cryptocurrencies, are a real and serious proposition for the future.
Open uri20180215 4 gobrgw?1518729893

Sveriges Riksbank, Central bank of Sweden · 15 Feb 2018

It was in Stockholm that the first modern banknote was created more than 350 years ago, and that it is here, in Sweden, that cash is currently taking its last breaths. Perhaps the Riksbank will be writing history again.
Open uri20180215 4 1088zat?1518729478

De Nederlandsche Bank, Central Bank of the Netherlands · 15 Feb 2018

DNB is interested because blockchain may have implications for the overarching goal of financial stability and her three primary tasks: 1) promote the smooth functioning of the payment system, 2) prudential supervision and oversight and 3) monetary policy.
Open uri20180215 4 vtz5h0?1518728833

Government of South Korea, National Government of South Korea · 15 Feb 2018

I can assure you that the government has consistently maintained a close and careful approach to market conditions and international trends, keeping all possible means open.

Banco Central do Brasil, Brazil's central bank · 15 Feb 2018

[We] support financial innovation, including new technologies that make the financial system safer and more efficient.
Open uri20180215 4 1w5u799?1518727504

People’s Bank of China, Central bank of the People's Republic of China · 15 Feb 2018

Conditions are ripe to embrace the technology.
Open uri20180214 4 10wtwyq?1518628351

Mark Zuckerberg, CEO at Facebook · 14 Feb 2018

I'm interested to go deeper and study the positive and negative aspects of these technologies, and how best to use them in our services.
Open uri20180214 4 qfpz58?1518630823

Goldman Sachs, American investment bank · 14 Feb 2018

We think the concept of a digital currency that leverages blockchain technology is viable given the benefits it could provide: ease of execution globally, lower transaction costs, reduction of corruption since all transactions could be traced, safety of ownership, and so on. But bitcoin does not provide any of these key advantages.
Open uri20170704 4 1rbvkx6?1499176040

Bill Gross, American investor, co-Founder of PIMCO · 14 Feb 2018

agrees Basic Income
If more and more workers are going to be displaced by robots, then they will need money to live on, will they not? And if that strikes you as a form of socialism, I would suggest we get used to it
Open uri20161107 3 zs7irv?1478532345

Enrique Dans, Professor of Innovation at IE Business School and blogger · 14 Feb 2018

agrees Basic Income
Utopia? Not at all. We need to advance the discussion and make politicians understand that it is the only way forward. And if we don’t move forward, we’re going to end up in a place none of us is going to like.
Open uri20170824 4 2c2m9d?1503567996

Jeremy Corbyn, British labour party politician · 12 Feb 2018

agrees Robot Tax
Companies that replace workers with robots should be taxed in a new settlement between work and leisure. We need urgently to face the challenge of automation; robotics that could make so much of contemporary work redundant
Open uri20180214 4 10wtwyq?1518628351

Mark Zuckerberg, CEO at Facebook · 11 Feb 2018

agrees Basic Income
An entrepreneurial culture thrives when it’s easy to try lots of new ideas. We should explore ideas like universal basic income to give everyone a cushion to try new things. There is something wrong with our system when I can make billions of dollars in 10 years while millions of students can’t afford to pay off their loans, let alone start a business.
Open uri20170328 4 til5ae?1490730767

Stephen Hawking, British physicist · 11 Feb 2018

The primitive forms of artificial intelligence developed so far have already proved very useful, but I fear the consequences of creating something that can match or surpass humans.
Open uri20171015 4 vkbsfr?1508072876

Amnesty International, Human rights organisation · 11 Feb 2018

People everywhere should be able to encrypt their communications and personal data as an essential protection of their rights to privacy and free speech. Encryption is a basic prerequisite for privacy and free speech in the digital age. Banning encryption is like banning envelopes and curtains. It takes away a basic tool for keeping your private life private.
Open uri20160822 3 11cytvd?1471892209

Cory Doctorow, Writer, blogger, activist. · 11 Feb 2018

The internet isn't nearly so important as racial injustice and vanquishing white supremacy, nor smashing patriarchy, nor rescuing our planet from looters and clmate vandals, nor feudal inequality: but EVERY ONE of those fights will be won or lost with the internet
Open uri20170328 4 nzun6m?1490732530

Mike Bloomberg, American businessman and politician, former mayor of new york city · 11 Feb 2018

agrees Health taxes
Noncommunicable diseases are a growing global crisis, especially in low-and-middle income countries. There’s substantial evidence that taxes and fiscal policies are essential to confronting this health threat.

Elon Musk, Founder of SpaceX, cofounder of Tesla, SolarCity & PayPal · 11 Feb 2018

agrees Carbon Tax
Not paying carbon taxes is like not paying for garbage collection.
Open uri20170328 4 8besju?1490732527

Bill Gates, Philanthropist. Founder and former CEO of Microsoft. · 11 Feb 2018

agrees Vaccines
Vaccines do more than save lives: they can also reduce the use of antibiotics and slow the spread of resistance.
Open uri20160822 3 1690ysc?1471892255

Tom Steinberg, Founder and former director of mySociety · 11 Feb 2018

One of the most visible signs of victory in this battle for greater protection of people’s data has been a steady increase in the number of personal data choices that an average person is asked to make every week. Popups now abound asking for your permission to do this and that, some of them driven by company policies, others driven by legal requirements. I’m increasingly of the mind that present... See More
Open uri20180127 4 1lm5vu4?1517083687

Paul Buchheit, Lead developer of Gmail, founder of FriendFeed. and investor in Y Combinator · 27 Jan 2018

agrees Basic Income
I don't have to work. I choose to work. And I believe that everyone deserves the same freedom I have. If done right, it's also economically superior, meaning that we will all have more wealth. We often talk about how brilliant or visionary Steve Jobs was, but there are probably millions of people just as brilliant as he was. The difference is that they likely didn't grow up with great parents, am... See More
Open uri20180216 4 f5fbkz?1518797845

Richard Branson, Founder of Virgin (400 companies) · 27 Jan 2018

agrees Basic Income
Policies like these can help people struggling just to survive and allow them to get on their feet, be entrepreneurial and be more creative.
Open uri20170328 4 nzun6m?1490732530

Mike Bloomberg, American businessman and politician, former mayor of new york city · 27 Jan 2018

agrees Soda taxes
Noncommunicable diseases are a growing global crisis, especially in low-and-middle income countries. There’s substantial evidence that taxes and fiscal policies are essential to confronting this health threat.
Open uri20180119 4 1r299mj?1516381619

Angela Merkel, German Chancellor · 27 Jan 2018

The new economics and finance minister role could provide greater coherence to economic policy across the bloc
Open uri20180128 4 63tf3x?1517178527

Anna Polina, Porn actress and model · 24 Jan 2018

Young guys have access to pornographic orgies without having any reading grid to understand what they are seeing
Open uri20170328 4 1wlhcyl?1490730654

Emmanuel Macron, French President · 24 Jan 2018

Pornography has nowadays entered schools. We cannot on the one hand blame violences against women, and on the other hand close our eyes on the influence that porn, which makes of sexuality a theatre of humiliation and violences against women - who come across as having given consent -, exerts on young souls.
Open uri20170328 4 1wlhcyl?1490730654

Emmanuel Macron, French President · 20 Jan 2018

[We need] deeper integration between eurozone states, including a real eurozone budget [and a] a permanent finance minister who leads this executive. This is a democratic responsibility on the eurozone level, and as such it requires maximum ambition
Open uri20170831 4 1dafrgk?1504188392

Lawrence H. Summers, Harvard economist and former US Treasury secretary · 20 Jan 2018

agrees Soda taxes
We have strong evidence from around the world that raising taxes on products like tobacco, sugar sweetened beverages and alcohol is highly effective at reducing harmful consumption and saving lives. I think this is about as close to free-lunch, win-win policy as economists have found
Open uri20180120 4 2gkznr?1516448344

Vítor Constâncio, Vice President of the European Central Bank · 20 Jan 2018

L’idée de désigner un ministre des finances est très récente et probablement, liée au fait qu’il faut établir de telles fonctions au niveau central de la zone euro de manière à avoir quelqu’un qui soit responsable de la gestion des nouvelles tâches et de la stabilisation de l’Union monétaire.

François Villeroy de Galhau, French Central Bank Governor · 20 Jan 2018

Le pilier monétaire existe et il est solide, la BCE fait son travail. Ce qui manque terriblement est le second pilier, une meilleure coordination des politiques économiques. C'est pourquoi je propose la nomination d'un ministre des Finances européen. Depuis 2011, l'absence de gouvernance a coûté 2 à 5 points de PIB à l'eurozone et donc des millions d'emplois
Open uri20170328 4 y09z5u?1490732548

Barack Obama, Former President of United States of America · 19 Jan 2018

Internet providers have a legal obligation not to block or limit your access to a website. Cable companies can't decide which online stores you should shop at or which streaming services you can use. And they can't let any company pay for priority over its competitors.
Open uri20180119 4 1u93ds3?1516382377

Philip Hammond, U.K. Treasury chief · 19 Jan 2018

agrees Soda taxes
Producers are already reformulating sugar out of their drinks [even before the sugar tax comes into effect]
Open uri20180119 4 yvm0gt?1516381291

Jeroen Dijsselbloem, Former Dutch Finance Minister and former President of the Eurogroup · 19 Jan 2018

Quite a large number of ministers feel that to complement our toolkit with a fiscal capacity as a stabilization tool would be useful
Open uri20180119 4 1vnut34?1516379762

Jean-Claude Juncker, · 19 Jan 2018

The European Union [note: not only the Eurozone] should have a minister of economy and finance. Such a minister should also be the chairman of all euro zone finance ministers and be accountable to the European Parliament.
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