Financial Industry Regulatory Authority (FINRA), Private corporation that acts as a self-regulatory organization · 16 Feb 2018

disagrees Cryptocurrencies
Even when legitimate companies flock to a hot, new sector, fraudsters almost always follow suit, exploiting the news to launch their latest frauds du jour.
Open uri20180216 4 amecv3?1518796878

U.S. Commodity Futures Trading Commission (CFTC), An independent agency of the US government that regulates futures and option markets · 16 Feb 2018

disagrees Cryptocurrencies
Customers should not purchase virtual currencies, digital coins, or tokens based on social media tips or sudden price spikes... Thoroughly research virtual currencies, digital coins, tokens, and the companies or entities behind them in order to separate hype.
Open uri20180216 4 1ik22wv?1518795072

Charles Munger, American investor, businessman and philanthropist · 16 Feb 2018

disagrees Cryptocurrencies
I never considered for one second having anything to do with it. I detested it the moment it was raised. It’s just disgusting. Bitcoin is noxious poison.
Open uri20180216 4 17lo5ql?1518794688

Joseph Stiglitz, Nobel laureate economist based at Columbia University · 16 Feb 2018

disagrees Cryptocurrencies
[Governments will] regulate it out of existence.
Open uri20180216 4 mnl0em?1518794415

J. Christopher Giancarlo, Chairman of the United States Commodity Futures Trading Commission (CFTC) · 16 Feb 2018

disagrees Cryptocurrencies
The SEC will vigorously pursue those who seek to evade the registration, disclosure and anti-fraud requirements of our securities laws.
Open uri20180216 4 13b2fjk?1518794277

Jay Clayton, American attorney and Chairman of the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission · 16 Feb 2018

disagrees Cryptocurrencies
Market participants, including lawyers, trading venues, and financial services firms, should be aware that we are disturbed by many examples of form being elevated over substance, with form-based arguments depriving investors of mandatory protections.
Open uri20180216 4 1gsojna?1518793964

Peter Altmaier, German politician serving as the Chief of Staff of the German Chancellery and as Federal Minister fo · 16 Feb 2018

disagrees Cryptocurrencies
[Cryptocurrencies] could pose substantial risks for investors.
Open uri20180216 4 1k7r5qc?1518793831

Bruno Le Maire, French politician and former diplomat · 16 Feb 2018

disagrees Cryptocurrencies
We believe there may be new opportunities arising from the tokens and the technologies behind them... However, tokens could pose substantial risks for investors and can be vulnerable to financial crime without appropriate measures. In the longer run, potential risks in the field of financial stability may emerge as well.
Open uri20180216 4 jz51gr?1518793641

Theresa May, Prime minister of the United Kingdom · 16 Feb 2018

disagrees Cryptocurrencies
Cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin, we should be looking at these very seriously, precisely because of the way that they can be used, particularly by criminals.
Open uri20180216 4 1oblcfe?1518793530

Steven Mnuchin, 77th and current United States Secretary of the Treasury as part of the cabinet of Donald Trump · 16 Feb 2018

disagrees Cryptocurrencies
We encourage fintech, we encourage innovation, but we want to make sure that all of our financial markets are safe and aren't being used for illicit activities.
Open uri20180216 4 1r41i9y?1518793436

Christine Lagarde, IMF Managing Director · 16 Feb 2018

disagrees Cryptocurrencies
It's clearly a domain where we need international regulation and proper supervision.
Open uri20180215 4 184lb0n?1518730638

William C. Dudley, President of Federal Reserve Bank of New York · 16 Feb 2018

disagrees Cryptocurrencies
[Bitcoin is] more of a speculative activity.
Open uri20180215 4 yzqhoa?1518731117

European Banking Authority, A regulatory agency of the European Union · 15 Feb 2018

disagrees Cryptocurrencies
The risks, by contrast, are manifold. More than 70 risks were identified across several categories, including risks to users; risks to non-user market participants; risks to financial integrity, such as money laundering and other financial crime; risks to existing payment systems in conventional FCs, and risks to regulatory authorities.
Open uri20180215 4 1f2wutm?1518730938

European Securities and Markets Authority (ESMA), European Union financial regulatory institution and European Supervisory Authority · 15 Feb 2018

disagrees Cryptocurrencies
VCs such as Bitcoin, are subject to extreme price volatility and have shown clear signs of a pricing bubble and consumers buying VCs should be aware that there is a high risk that they will lose a large amount, or even all, of the money invested.
Open uri20180215 4 4qlkcp?1518730264

Ministry of Economy and Finance (Morocco), The Moroccan Ministry in charge of the economic and financial policy of Morocco · 15 Feb 2018

disagrees Cryptocurrencies
This is a hidden payment system that is not backed by an organization, the use of virtual currencies entails significant risks for their users.
Open uri20180215 4 8788c4?1518729104

Reserve Bank of Australia, Australian central bank · 15 Feb 2018

disagrees Cryptocurrencies
The current fascination with these currencies feels more like a speculative mania than it has to do with their use as an efficient and convenient form of electronic payment.
Open uri20180215 4 pxywgr?1518728975

Central Bank of Russia, Central bank of the Russian Federation · 15 Feb 2018

disagrees Cryptocurrencies
We don’t legalise pyramid schemes... We are totally opposed to private money, no matter if it is in physical or virtual form.
Open uri20180215 4 1nyrwc?1518728452

Reserve Bank of India, India's central banking institution · 15 Feb 2018

disagrees Cryptocurrencies
RBI has clarified that it has not given any licence/authorization to any entity/company to operate such schemes or deal with bitcoin or any digital currency.
Open uri20180215 4 1mdffnm?1518728314

Bank of France, Central bank of France · 15 Feb 2018

disagrees Cryptocurrencies
[We] advise great caution with respect to bitcoin because there is no public institution behind it to provide confidence. In history all examples of private currencies ended badly.
Open uri20180215 4 rqodv4?1518728178

Bank of England, Central bank of the United Kingdom · 15 Feb 2018

disagrees Cryptocurrencies
There are some fundamental problems if you push the retail design all the way down, unless you restrict the amount that people have.
Open uri20180215 4 mgiygw?1518727914

Duetsche Bundesbank, Central bank of the Federal Republic of Germany · 15 Feb 2018

disagrees Cryptocurrencies
[Bitcoin] more of a speculative plaything than a form of payment.
Open uri20180214 4 zrj4lk?1518627296

Mike Novogratz, Former hedge fund Fortress manager · 15 Feb 2018

disagrees Cryptocurrencies
This is a bubble and there is a lot of froth. This is going to be the biggest bubble of our lifetimes.
Open uri20180214 4 3fiw?1518630302

Nouriel Roubini, · 15 Feb 2018

disagrees Cryptocurrencies
Bitcoin is the mother of all bubbles, favoured by charlatans and swindlers.
Open uri20180215 4 1xfl1uu?1518727668

Bank of Japan, Central bank of Japan · 15 Feb 2018

disagrees Cryptocurrencies
We aren’t at the stage of considering issuing a digital currency because there is no demand.
Open uri20180215 4 1nfchp9?1518727272

European Central Bank, Central bank for the euro and administer of monetary policy for the eurozone · 15 Feb 2018

disagrees Cryptocurrencies
Bitcoin is a sort of tulip.
Open uri20180215 4 17re0py?1518726994

Jordan Belfort, Motivational speaker and former 'Wolf of Wall St' stockbroker · 15 Feb 2018

disagrees Cryptocurrencies
It’s just human nature to jump on the bandwagon, it’s what every great bubble is made of and they’ll call this the greatest bubble of all time.
Open uri20170515 4 1rubhfv?1494870877

Bob Greenstein, · 14 Feb 2018

disagrees Basic Income
UBI would replace virtually every program in the federal budget focused on low- or moderate-income people. No food stamps. No Medicaid. [...] I share the goals; I just don’t think you can get there from here. And I want to focus on progress we can make.
Open uri20180214 4 24wmbw?1518630548

Capital Economics, London based economic research consultancy · 14 Feb 2018

disagrees Cryptocurrencies
Bitcoin has all the hallmarks of a classic speculative bubble, which we expect to burst. Triggers for the bubble to burst could be a further crackdown by regulators or a major hacking attempt.
Open uri20180212 4 g6xd9w?1518432121

Daniel Mahoney, Head of economic research at the Centre for Policy Studies (free-market British think tank) · 12 Feb 2018

disagrees Robot Tax
Going ahead with a robot tax or other measures that would discourage investment in capital would be hugely damaging for the UK. The UK already suffers from a low capital-labour ratio, which is dampening productivity growth and holding back wage increases. Corbyn’s plans would exacerbate this problem and simply encourage new technologies and economic activity to locate elsewhere. The result would ... See More
Open uri20170705 4 eafzs2?1499266543

Paul Ariès, Political scientist. Editor of Les Zindigné(es). Observatoire International de la gratuité · 11 Feb 2018

disagrees Basic Income
To exit the true/false debate on the universal basic income, let’s defend the free public service! (…) To defend and increase the weight of free goods is to give everybody what they need to live, in an unconditional way but with a revenue largely demonetized, diseconomized. It is therefore to exit from capitalism.
Open uri20180119 4 bs5pg2?1516381481

Guntram Wolff, Director of Brussels-based think tank Bruegel · 20 Jan 2018

A European finance minister — as Juncker outlined it — is a misnomer that will create false expectations and confusion. […] It would be unwise to create totally new euro area institutions beyond the ESM that would only aggravate the division between countries inside the euro area and those outside.
Open uri20170925 4 4s4c8r?1506362251

Anke Hassel, Sociologist. Professor at the Hertie School of Governance. Director of Hans Böckler Foundation’s WSI · 19 Jan 2018

disagrees Basic Income
The basic income will further divide society and prevent social mobility. Those who, due to their family background, have good prospects for interesting employment and high income will maintain their existing work ethic, engaging in school and study, and maybe taking a sabbatical or two in between. This is a good thing. However, life will become more difficult for young people from parts of societ... See More
Open uri20180119 4 1bwgmbz?1516380926

Competitive Enterprise Institute, Non-profit libertarian think tank · 19 Jan 2018

disagrees Soda taxes
Soda Taxes: a Failed Experiment that Needs to End. Sin taxes are a blunt instrument that have unpredictable effects on consumer behavior, as well as unintended consequences. The poorest in our communities often bear the financial brunt of these regressive taxes, which are ineffective at combating obesity. 4 Despite the best intentions of public health advocates pushing for a soda tax, the real-wor... See More
Open uri20180119 4 1h8ocd3?1516362913

Will Quince MP, Conservative MP for Colchester · 19 Jan 2018

disagrees Soda taxes
[The UK sugar tax] will hit Consumers: The tax is designed to be levied on soft drinks companies, based on the volume of sugar-sweetened drinks they import of export. But the independent economic forecaster, the Office of Budgetary Responsibility, states the costs of the levy will be ‘passed entirely onto the price paid by consumers’. That means it will be the public, not soft drinks companies tha... See More

Marc de Vos, Doctorate in Law (UGent), Master in Social Law (ULB), Master of Laws (Harvard University). · 16 Dec 2017

disagrees Basic Income
La seule façon de financer l’allocation universelle, c’est d’éliminer la Sécurité sociale existante, ce qui impliquerait une régression sociale énorme, parce qu’on remplacerait un système d’allocations sociales qui est conditionnel, focalisé sur les besoins des personnes, progressif, par un système inconditionnel. C’est ridicule. Ça ne réussira jamais.
Open uri20171215 4 wukwjw?1513342413

Robert M. McDowell, Repubblican, former FCC Commissioner · 15 Dec 2017

disagrees Net neutrality
the restoration of the Clinton-era rules will have produced more abundance in the entire Internet ecosphere, more consumer choices, lower prices per bit per second and innovations we can’t even imagine today. The Internet will remain robust, vibrant, open and freedom-enhancing
Open uri20171215 4 1sv451b?1513341073

Ajit Pai, Chairman of the United States Federal Communications Commission · 15 Dec 2017

disagrees Net neutrality
[By repealing net neutrality] we are helping consumers and promoting competition. Broadband providers will have more incentive to build networks, especially to underserved areas
Open uri20180214 4 10wtwyq?1518628351

Mark Zuckerberg, CEO at Facebook · 09 Dec 2017

We'll keep working to ensure the integrity of free and fair elections around the world, and to ensure our community is a platform for all ideas and force for good in democracy. The data we have has always shown that our broader impact -- from giving people a voice to enabling candidates to communicate directly to helping millions of people vote -- played a far bigger role in this election [than mi... See More
Open uri20160830 3 1cazmnd?1472556981

Madeleine Albright, US Secretary of State (Bill Clinton) · 30 Nov 2017

There have always been new ways of communication to contend with (for example the cassette recordings of Polish solidarity leader Lech Walesa’s speeches that were spread from factory to factory). So technology can very much be democratizing. The question is how we can use technology to increase the democratizing governance aspect instead of dealing with the fact that people often have the wrong in... See More
Open uri20160822 3 ppr8p4?1471892223

Andrew Ng, Baidu; Stanford CS faculty; founded Coursera and Google Brain · 30 Nov 2017

Worrying about the rise of evil killer robots is like worrying about overpopulation and pollution on Mars before we've even set foot on it - an unnecessary distraction.
Open uri20160822 3 ppr8p4?1471892223

Andrew Ng, Baidu; Stanford CS faculty; founded Coursera and Google Brain · 30 Nov 2017

disagrees Basic Income
I do not believe in unconditional basic income because this just encourages people to be trapped in low skilled jobs without a meaningful path to climb up to do better work. So rather to pay people to “do nothing” I would rather see a new “New deal” where we pay you to study because I think that today we know how to educate people at scale and the society is pretty good at finding meaningful wo... See More
Open uri20170328 4 8besju?1490732527

Bill Gates, Philanthropist. Founder and former CEO of Microsoft. · 29 Nov 2017

I felt sure that allowing anyone to publish information and making it easy to find would enhance democracy and the overall quality of political debate. However, the partitioning you talk about which started on cable TV and might be even stronger in the digital world is a concern. We all need to think about how to avoid this problem. It would seem strange to have to force people to look at ideas th... See More
Open uri20170328 4 6p5uec?1490732924

Alec Ross, Former Senior Innovation Advisor to Hillary Clinton, currently running for Governor of Maryland · 29 Nov 2017

The information control that some of the world’s strongmen and terrorist groups have on people is tenuous. The digital world is still relatively new, and for the most part, when young people come to more power, we will have more open societies. If you look at this over decades, I think it will be very positive globally
Open uri20171114 4 2d1d94?1510685166

New York County District Attorney, · 16 Oct 2017

The United States Constitution provides that local law enforcement agents may obtain access to places where criminals hide evidence – including their homes, car trunks, storage facilities, computers, and digital networks – so long as the agents have a search warrant issued by a judge. Carved into the bedrock of the Fourth Amendment is a balance between the privacy rights of individuals and the pub... See More
Open uri20171015 4 bfg6ow?1508074405

Amber Rudd MP, British MP and Home Secretary · 15 Oct 2017

Encryption is severely limiting our agencies ability to stop terrorist attacks. "Real people" don't need encryption.
Open uri20170603 4 seurnf?1496476789

The Economist, Weekly magazine-format newspaper · 09 Sep 2017

Overall, women earn on average 79% of what men do, but this gap can be almost entirely explained by the fact that men are more likely to do highly paid jobs—not because they are paid more than women doing the same work. In Britain, France and Germany, for example, around 80-90% of executive jobs, and less than two-thirds of clerical jobs, are held by men. Closing the gender pay gap will therefore ... See More
Open uri20180210 4 mgqgtk?1518280414

Donald J. Trump, President of the USA · 08 Sep 2017

disagrees Carbon Tax
I will not support or endorse a carbon tax!
Open uri20170906 4 15km0x2?1504729864

Schroders, British multinational asset management company · 07 Sep 2017

disagrees Carbon Tax
Total earnings of 12,500 global companies could fall by 20% were the world to limit itself to the 2C temperature rise target agreed in Paris through higher taxes.
Open uri20170906 4 1jugytl?1504729370

Conference Board Cda, Non-partisan Canadian not-for-profit think tank · 06 Sep 2017

disagrees Carbon Tax
Carbon tax could cause a broad slowdown in economic activity as higher energy prices ripple throughout the economy.
Open uri20170906 4 563f7h?1504722398

Grant Cardone, · 06 Sep 2017

disagrees Basic Income
If someone is a taker rather than a maker, and becomes dependent on the government for their unemployment checks, that creates a victim mentality. I decided right then and there that I didn't want someone to give me a fish; I needed to be taught how to fish. If anyone wants to give you free cash, no questions asked, get suspicious. Universal basic income is a step to becoming a slave of the federa... See More
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