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Topic Opinions Action
Brexit 332 Follow
Basic Income 250 Follow
AI will pose a serious risk to society within the next 50 years 91 Follow
Carbon Tax 76 Follow
Cryptocurrencies 59 Follow
Robot Tax 43 Follow
Transgender individuals in the army 37 Follow
Soda taxes 37 Follow
Vaccines 33 Follow
Assault weapons should be banned 32 Follow
Net neutrality 32 Follow
Legalise recreational drugs 31 Follow
Electronic voting 31 Follow
State-funded faith schools 31 Follow
Fracking 30 Follow
Immigrants are net contributors (tax paid vs. benefits received) in their host country 30 Follow
AI and robots might cause mass unemployment 30 Follow
Job Guarantee 30 Follow
Surrogacy 30 Follow
Universal Health Care 30 Follow
Euthanasia 30 Follow
Tariffs 30 Follow
Social media threaten democracy 26 Follow
Everyone should learn how to code 16 Follow
Asian Americans are a discriminated minority 16 Follow
Women-only train carriages 15 Follow
$13,000 a year for every over-21-year-old American instead of all transfer payments would be better than the status quo 14 Follow
Climate change is real 12 Follow
Crops and foods improved through biotechnology (GMOs) 12 Follow
We already closed the wage gender gap in the US 10 Follow
Eurozone finance minister and budget 8 Follow
Climate change is caused mainly by human activities 7 Follow
The pay ratio of a CEO should be disclosed 7 Follow
Encryption is a human right 6 Follow
MBAs are not very useful for entrepreneurs 4 Follow
Autonomous cars will cause a surge of city traffic when initially rolled out 4 Follow
We should adapt to climate change instead of fighting it 4 Follow
We might all have to move to another planet, e.g. Mars 4 Follow
Eating burnt toasts/chips/potatoes can cause cancer 3 Follow
Remote-work 3 Follow
Learning foreign languages at school 3 Follow
Creationism in schools 3 Follow
We should be nice to smart speakers 3 Follow
Elixir/phoenix will become mainstream 2 Follow
The US should train a million people to do artificial intelligence 2 Follow
Immigration helps US tech 2 Follow
Positive discrimination of women is unfair for men 2 Follow
Carbs are not bad for health 2 Follow
Basic income would cause people to stop working 2 Follow
Empowering women benefits society 2 Follow
Culture over strategy 2 Follow
Health taxes 2 Follow
Personal Data Representatives 2 Follow
Porn contributes to violence against women 2 Follow
Population collapse will be one of the biggest problems in 20 years 2 Follow
Women should earn the same as men do for the same job 1 Follow
A single founder in a startup is a mistake 1 Follow
Actions against climate change should become a top priority of our governments 1 Follow
Automation will reduce the need for middle management 1 Follow
Universal Basic Income should be funded by returns on capital 1 Follow
Overweight and obesity cause cancer 1 Follow
Universal Basic Income could be funded through taxes on rents 1 Follow
Long maternity leave (over a year) is key for the emotional health of the baby 1 Follow
Basic Income will downsize bureaucracy 1 Follow
Basic Income will strengthen our democracy 1 Follow
Basic Income would cost too much 1 Follow
Basic Income would reduce inequality 1 Follow
Foreign aid keeps Americans safe 1 Follow
Men must help reducing gender inequality 1 Follow
Terror attacks are just about foreign policy 1 Follow
Science is gradually being influenced by political views 1 Follow
Labor law should be reformed in France 1 Follow
Disagree and commit 1 Follow
The tech world is causing an unprecedent shift in all industries 1 Follow
Mindset over knowledge to succeed 1 Follow
Timing is key for the launch of new technologies 1 Follow
Ride sharing data should be shared with cities 1 Follow
Older kids should work with younger kids in schools 1 Follow
Ban Autonomous Weapons 1 Follow
Many autonomous vehicles will have drivers 1 Follow
Retraining is the solution to job losses 1 Follow
Every American citizen over the age of 18 should be automatically registered to vote 1 Follow
Graduates in A.I. should take oath: ‘I must not play at God nor let my technology do so’ 1 Follow
Basic income 1 Follow
Right to be forgotten 1 Follow
Right to your data 1 Follow
GDPR Fees for violations 1 Follow
GDPR is too ambiguous 1 Follow
GDPR is burdensome to small companies in particular 1 Follow
GDPR Data protection officers 1 Follow
GDPR rules are easily circumventable 1 Follow
GDPR degrades user experience 1 Follow
GDPR lacks of authority 1 Follow
Nationalists should also be globalists 1 Follow
Existential challenges should receive the center stage in every election 1 Follow
AI could lead to new colonies 1 Follow
American and British isolationism could lead to a new nuclear arms race 1 Follow
We have obligations to people who do not yet exist (in addition to people who currently exist) 1 Follow
There should be full employment goals in government/state budgets 1 Follow
Review your annual goals every morning 0 Follow
It takes about 66 days to break or make a habit 0 Follow
High cost of life in cities such as San Francisco, New York and London will inevitably continue to increase over time 0 Follow
Basic incom 0 Follow
Fiscal union for the EU 0 Follow
We do not live in Democracies, but we could. It's time to reclaim both the word and the meaning from those who use it as cover for delivering on private interests. 0 Follow
The petrol is going to end soon 0 Follow
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New global currency standard 0 Follow
Fake news cannot be addressed with a simple fact-checking exercise as the reality is complex and the reality more nuanced 0 Follow
Transgenders should be able to choose which bathroom to use 0 Follow
Capitalism does not help reducing inequality 0 Follow
Equal opportunity measures are becoming less successful in developed countries 0 Follow
Freedom of Speech 0 Follow
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<a href="">abstract writer</a> 0 Follow
Trust into experts is at an all-time low 0 Follow
Software Patents 0 Follow
Robot tax 0 Follow
Banking Management 0 Follow
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Basic incom 0 Follow
Welfare Biology 0 Follow
Welfare Biology 0 Follow
Online Dissertation Literature Review Help 0 Follow
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Surrogacy Program 0 Follow
The raise of populist movements across the world are the result of the elites' failure to promote society inclusiveness 0 Follow
Free access to taxpayer-funded research 0 Follow
SurrogacyProgram 0 Follow
Foreign Aid Keeps Americans Safe 0 Follow
Mobile phones could cause cancer 0 Follow
Women are the best advocates for younger women's career in the workplace 0 Follow
Active investing should continue shrinking, leaving more room to passive investing 0 Follow
Active investing is key to ensure price discovery and the good functioning of stock exchanges 0 Follow
Business attire fosters professionalism in the workplace 0 Follow
Casual attire in the workplace helps employee retention 0 Follow
The European Union should communicate better with its citizens and foreign countries in order to promote its achievements so far 0 Follow
Kids raised by gay couples are as happy as those raised by heterosexual couples 0 Follow
NHS cannot survive without foreign doctors and nurses 0 Follow
End superdelegates, poll-driven debates and make county-segmented electoral system for the Democratic National Committee 0 Follow
Facebook Zero 0 Follow
Palestina should have its own state 0 Follow
Long maternity leave (over a year) makes it more difficult for women to advance professionally 0 Follow
International trade has reached a peak and will diminish in relative terms going forward 0 Follow
Autonomous cars will be the norm ten years from now on developed countries 0 Follow
We should rely more on trains rather than flights in order to reduce our carbon footprint 0 Follow
Adaptive learning supported by technology should become the norm in schools 0 Follow
Millennials are lazier than prior generations 0 Follow
Older generations in highly indebted countries should give up some of their benefits/ wealth in order to help new generations 0 Follow
Succession taxes should be high in order to boost equal opportunities in younger generations 0 Follow
Millennials are better off than what their parents were at the same age 0 Follow
Water is a public good which should be accessible to all 0 Follow
Learning how to code at a younger age is more important than learning history 0 Follow
Increasing military/ police presence in cities will diminish the odds of new terroristic attacks 0 Follow
States should provide free health care to all its citizens 0 Follow
Build a base on Mars 0 Follow
Basic Income in exchange for studying 0 Follow
Basic Income would take away incentive to work at the lower end of the market 0 Follow
Basic Income would increase innovation 0 Follow
EU Army 0 Follow
We should do more to avoid extinction of species 0 Follow
We need to invest more in vaccines, drugs and diagnostics to prevent the next epidemic 0 Follow
China is going to implode as the communist party will not be able to drive the country to its next growth phase 0 Follow
New diseases resilient to current drugs will lead to higher mortality rates in developed countries 0 Follow
The U.S. civilization is entering a decline phase 0 Follow
The world order will be significantly reshaped in the next 20 years 0 Follow
Language plurality will weaken as English becomes increasingly important 0 Follow
3D printers will become a common household appliance 0 Follow
Bad eating habits are responsible for most diseases 0 Follow
Living out of a rent is immoral 0 Follow
The quality of mainstream newspapers has declined due to the financial difficulties the industry has been facing 0 Follow
In a global world, national identities lose their meaning 0 Follow
The world is completely unprepared for a global pandemic 0 Follow
Narcissism has become commonplace among Millennials 0 Follow
Virtual reality will lead to a steady decrease of human contact 0 Follow
Alternative facts are difficult to fight because reality is complex and there is not one truth 0 Follow
Baby-boomers have used the next generations' resources undermining inter-generational equity 0 Follow
Innovation can solve alone our environmental crisis 0 Follow
Basic Income for people who are studying 0 Follow
The average quality of food is decreasing 0 Follow
Empowering women benefits business 0 Follow
army 0 Follow
France shall decommission nuclear power stations 0 Follow