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Nancy Lublin CEO/Founder https://t.co/7aYciR9bLT. (Former CEO, https://t.co/vEqzQQfrzY; Founder, https://t.

Of course you need amazing people around you, people smarter than you, people who compliment your strengths. But someone has to own it and lead. Time wasted on finding a co founder, time spent negotiating, blah blah blah. Lead and ship

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Gustavo G. Brusilovsky

Maybe not recommended but mistake sounds too extreme.
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David Zaragoza

In general it's true, but there are exceptions.
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Guy Kawasaki source

Successful companies are usually started, and become successful, with the contributions of at least two soul mates. However, do not rush. It's better to have too few founders than too many.
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David Byttow

Depends but it's good to have a strong partner.
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Yuri Sagalov source

Makes it much, much, harder.

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