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Chris Olah Google researcher

We believe it’s essential to ground concerns in real machine-learning research, and to start developing practical approaches for engineering AI systems that operate safely and reliably
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Benja Fallenstein

Imagine a computer that wants to calculate π to as many digits as possible. That computer will see humans as being made of atoms which it could use to build more computers; and worse, since we would object to that and might try to stop it, we’d be a potential threat that it would be in the AI’s interest to eliminate
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Andrew Davison Professor at Imperial College London

Exponentially increasing technology might lead to super-human AI and other developments that will change the world utterly in the surprisingly near future (i.e. perhaps the next 20--30 years)
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Kris Yes we can

Anything can happen during 50 years
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Michael Vassar Co-founder and Chief Science Officer of MetaMed Research

If greater-than-human artificial general intelligence is invented without due caution, it is all but certain that the human species will be extinct in very short order.
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Paul Christiano PhD Theoretical Computer Science, UC Berkeley | Researcher at OpenAI

Ideally, “each time you build a more powerful machine, it effectively models human values and does what humans would like,” says Christiano. But he worries that these machines may stray from human values as they surpass human intelligence.
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Stuart Armstrong PhD Mathematics, Oxford | Research Fellow, Future of Humanity Institute

One of the things that makes AI risk scary is that it’s one of the few that is genuinely an extinction risk if it were to go bad. With a lot of other risks, it’s actually surprisingly hard to get to an extinction risk.
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Anthony Mullen Personal Technology Research Director at Gartner. I especially love the topic of 'dialogue and

Collaborative emergent AI - not one strong designed instance - is possible within the timeframe.
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Jaime Sevilla Student of Math and CompSci, future AI Risk researcher, dabbling entrepreneur.

In strategy games, the most powerful abilities are those which let you take more actions per turn or have a wider array of possible actions to perform the one best suited to the situation at hand. AI is literally a machine producing ideas, which let you act faster (and thus perfom more actions) or execute different plans (and thus have more choices). This is a serious game imbalance, and is one we... See More
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Anthony Berglas Software engineer and author

Evolution suggests that a sufficiently powerful AI would probably destroy humanity

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