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Mike Bradley Mayor of Sarnia, Ontario

[I am] speaking out more lately for measures to deal with inequality – such as a basic income guarantee policy – because others don’t.
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Royal Society of Arts British Policy Think Tank

There is a strong practical case for the Basic Income – it underpins security, replaces the complexity of the current system, and provides a platform for freedom and creativity.

Food Banks Canada Organization in Canada

The time has come for the provinces and territories to dismantle what has become an understaffed, stressed, and ineffective bureaucratic system that hurts more than it helps. There exist several viable models for a basic income – administered through the tax system – that would eliminate the bureaucracy, the intrusiveness, and the stigma associated with welfare. Our recommendations include this si... See More
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Pranab Bardhan Berkeley Economics Professor

India should consider replacing inefficient subsidies with a basic monthly income for all citizens
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Jonathan Reynolds Labour MP

Moderates within the Labour Party shouldn’t be afraid to embrace radical ideas. I’m coming out for Basic Income.
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Bill Gross Billionaire investor, Janus Capital

Instead we should spend money where it’s needed most – our collapsing infrastructure for instance, health care for an aging generation and perhaps on a revolutionary new idea called UBI – Universal Basic Income. If more and more workers are going to be displaced by robots, then they will need money to live on, will they not?
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Thom Hartmann Radio Host

If conservatives really want to do away with “wasteful” and “overly bureaucratic” social services in the U.S. - services like Medicaid, Social Security and foodstamps - there’s an easy alternative. It’s simple. It encourages personal responsibility. And it will do away with our current mess of programs that make up our social safety net. All we have to do is guarantee every person a universal, and... See More
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Chris Hughes Co-founder of Facebook

I’m supportive of the idea of a basic income over the long term and believe that one day something of this size will likely be necessary to cope with the impact of automation and globalized trade on the United States.
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Zoe Keating Celebrity Cellist

I think Universal Basic Income has legs.
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Dylan Matthews Journalist at Vox

I think the main reason there should be universal basic income is that it's very important to have a cash safetynet that is extensive and universal.
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Robin Chase Founder of ZipCar

Basic income is the long-term answer to the increasing precariousness of ordinary people in a global economy that can shift their jobs to the other side of the world in a heartbeat.
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Chris Hayes Host of All In with Chris Hayes on MSNBC

I am very much pro basic income
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Scott Phoenix Entrepreneur and Cofounder of Vicarious

I am a big fan of work programs and universal basic income. Government and society has a role to play in ensuring a smooth transition between technological disruption. We can have a society where there are tons of jobs for everyone. There is always going to be stuff to do. It is a matter of making sure that when someone was doing one thing and they were used to doing that thing, there are useful t... See More
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Amol Rajan Editor-at-Large of The Independent

Guaranteed income is the kind of radical idea we urgently need
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Tim Draper Billionaire Venture Capitalist

Giving everyone $15,000 would put everyone on the same level. They could do with it whatever they wanted, but having the financial security of some basic money to live on, would give them the opportunity to work on what they want. Work is everything,
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Andrew Gamble Sir Isaiah Berlin Award for Lifetime Contribution to Political Studies

Building a political coalition around the idea of basic income would help end the resentment of those in work contributing to support those who are not able to work or cannot find jobs. Payment of a basic income to everyone would price workers into many more jobs which at present do not pay enough for people to live on.
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Ro Khanna Candidate for Congress in Silicon Valley

At a time when machines are replacing low- and middle-income workers, we want there to be an incentive to get people to a basic income.
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Nick Hanaeur Billionaire, Amazon Investor

As we have ever higher rates of technological innovation, and every higher rates of automation, the basic guaranteed income is one such innovation which indeed may be a phenomenal idea. We need to try it.
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Martin Ford Author of Rise of the Robots: Technology and the Threat of a Jobless Future

Another reason for a basic income - Old and on the Street: The Graying of America’s Homeless
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Tim Worstall Writer and Senior Fellow of the Adam Smith Institute

An Unconditional Basic Income Is The Solution But The Important Word Here Is Basic
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John Lilly VC and Former CEO of Mozilla

There was no middle class, then there was a middle class, now we’re back where we started—it’s hollowed out. I don’t see where the middle class is going to come from. You’ll start seeing more conversation about a guaranteed income.
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Timothy Lutts Chief Analyst, Cabot Stock of the Month

A Guaranteed Basic Income is an idea worth considering.
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Ailsa McKay Feminist Economist

A Citizens Basic Income (CBI) would ensure that the financial gains from paid work were always positive and would provide a more secure base for individuals to opt in and out of the labour market, thus promoting greater flexibility with respect to individual life choices.
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Martin Ravallion Economist

A basic-income guarantee would dominate net workfare earnings in terms of the impact on poverty for a given budgetary outlay.
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Richard Murphy Professor of Practice in International Political Economy

But best of all, the suggestion is cost neutral, fair, cheap to administer and will always mean work pays fairly. Those are goals all political parties say they share. That is why a basic income should appeal to everyone.
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Royal Society of Arts British organisation committed to finding practical solutions to social challenges

Basic Income smoothes work transitions whilst providing security in an age of potentially rapid technological change

Don Iveson Mayor of Edmonton

We (Edmonton and Calgary) may be in a position to pilot some different solutions. As partners, we may be able to help the Province implement [a basic income guarantee pilot].

Lisa Helps Mayor of Victoria, BC

There is a strong link between having a basic income and creating a strong local economy. There is more money to circulate and it supports the ‘buy local’ movement.

Grace Lee Boggs (deceased) Civil rights activist

You can think so much in terms of re-distribution. Or you can begin thinking about justice in terms of restoring another way of life
Neal lawson

Neal Lawson Chair of Compass, a UK think tank

Even if the robots don’t come, our labour market is so precarious that as it is, it isn’t working. That’s why we need basic income.
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