Open uri20170328 4 1xt51j9?1490730695

Boris Johnson Secretary of State for Foreign & Commonwealth Affairs. Member of Parliament for Uxbridge and S

A vote to Remain will be taken in Brussels as a green light for more federalism, and for the erosion of democracy.
Open uri20180824 4 ffvzal?1535128041

Donald J. Trump President of the USA

I think the migration has been a horrible thing for Europe… A lot of that has been pushed by the EU. I would say that [the UK is] better off without it, personally.
Open uri20160815 3 lc0gf3?1471286532

Ted Cruz U.S. Senator, 2016 GOP candidate for President

If Brexit takes place, Britain will be at the front of the line for a free trade deal with America, not at the back. There is a vast amount of trade, commerce and investment between our two nations.
Open uri20160815 3 k5iyf2?1471286304

Michael Caine English actor and author.

You cannot be dictated to by thousands of faceless civil servants who make these rules … we buy more from them than we sell to them [the EU] … I sort of feel certain we should come out.
Open uri20170328 4 x5hksw?1490732577

Ian Botham Former England Test cricketer

It is insane that because we are in the EU we do not have the freedom to reach our own agreements to trade freely with … emerging powers like China … We have lost the right to govern ourselves, to make our own laws and to choose who comes here.
Open uri20160815 3 1u515vc?1471287642

George Galloway Straight talking, straight forward. @theblairdoc @rt_sputnik @talkradio @comment_presstv @kali

We want our people to choose our government and thus our direction. I'd rather take my chance with changing things in Britain than waiting for change in Bulgaria or in Poland or in Germany.
Open uri20160815 3 3t2eaj?1471287742

David Icke Official Twitter of ground breaking Author & Public Speaker, David Icke. For Bookshop & Weekly

[The EU is] a vehicle for the incessant centralising of power in the hands of a few dark suit bureaucrats ... It’s a farce, it’s a con.
Open uri20160824 3 15233of?1472038236

Louise Mensch Author and former conservative MP

Every week Britain sends half the budget for our schools to Brussels. £350m.
Open uri20170328 4 1389pqx?1490730679

Sol Campbell Ex #Arsenal and #England defender, husband and father of three

The Premier League is in danger of becoming a free-for-all … Because of European rules on freedom of movement, it is virtually impossible for us to get a proper grip on the situation.
Open uri20160422 3 v6avgp?1461343889

Daniel Hannan Old Whig. Columnist with CapX, ConservativeHome and the Washington Examiner. Conservative MEP.

I think Britain can benefit from a measure of controlled, legal, economic immigration … As long as we are in the EU, we can have no such control.
Open uri20170328 4 cs3zfx?1490730722

Allister Heath Deputy Director of Content and Deputy Editor, The Telegraph

Genuine believers in enlightenment values must have the courage of their convictions …. they must learn to trust the people again: we are a sensible, grown-up nation, and we don’t need a bunch of European technocrats to force us to be free.
Open uri20180824 4 ebqpzq?1535130682

Andrea Leadsom Conservative Member of Parliament for South Northamptonshire

The EU’s cherished freedom of movement for people within its borders puts enormous strain on our NHS, our education and our housing.
Open uri20180810 4 1fqbwii?1533917451

Dr Liam Fox MP

Scotland has everything to gain from Brexit… Whether it is security, jobs and trade, fishing and farming, energy or the environment, the greater risk is staying in the EU. Scotland should take this once-in-a-generation chance to vote to leave.
Open uri20180716 4 u4nw4j?1531762908

David Davis MP Conservative MP for Haltemprice and Howden and Secretary of State for Exiting the European Uni

Outside the EU, the city would continue to be free continue as before, such as trading in euro-denominated bonds, while ensuring that it is free of the threat of an FTT, as well as being free of all the other stifling European legislation.
Open uri20160815 3 necku4?1471288939

Matt Ridley Journalist, businessman and a Conservative member of the House of Lords.

Harmonising standards is good but doing so at the regional level makes no sense. In fintech, in ag-tech, in digital, in biotech – the action is at the global level, where our voice is just 1/28th of a seat. We could be chairing these bodies.

Patrick O'Flynn MEP for the East of England

Outside the EU, Britain would get to reoccupy its own seat at the WTO and conduct trade negotiations in its national interest once again, rather than being (mis)represented by an EU commissioner.
Open uri20170328 4 tzqz24?1490732575

Suzanne Evans @UKIP Deputy Chair and NHS Champion. @Debretts 500 'People of Influence' 2016. Founder @Lipoed

Today, everything Emmeline Pankhurst fought for is being subverted by the EU … Women in Britain have a feminist history we can be proud of, and we will be defending and developing it long after we leave the European Union.
Open uri20170328 4 me6w93?1490730582

Richard Kemp Former infantry battalion Commanding Officer, author

By leaving we will again be able to determine who does and does not enter the UK. Failure to do so significantly increases the terrorist threat here, endangers our people and is a betrayal of this country.
Open uri20170328 4 z6licx?1490730740

Steven Woolfe MEP UKIP Migration & Financial Affairs Spokesman. MEP for North West England.

The United Nations has proved effective in preventing large scale conflicts between nations for over seventy years. Membership of the EU is irrelevant [from a security perspective].
Open uri20170328 4 q5o8mk?1490730661

Gisela Stuart MP Member of Parliament for Birmingham Edgbaston, chair of Vote Leave

The NHS is struggling to cope with rising demand. If we Vote Leave we will be able to stop our money being spent on EU bureaucrats and instead invest in the NHS so that patients can get the best possible care.
Open uri20160815 3 18eyln7?1471290107

Priti Patel Minister of State for Employment, Member of Parliament for Witham

We cannot control the flow of people coming in from the EU … which means we are actually stopping highly-skilled people from … outside Europe coming to work in many of the higher-value jobs and sectors.
Open uri20170328 4 14h4zkn?1490730615

Arron Banks Businessman, political donor and co-founder of the Leave.EU campaign

Brussels … has taken the grand experiment in state-sponsored multiculturalism and tested it to destruction. The ghettos and extremism are proof this doesn’t work.
Open uri20170328 4 57e43e?1490730667

Penny Mordaunt MP News & views from Portsmouth North's MP & Minister for disabled people, health and work.

Currently, unless we have concrete intelligence, we may have suspicions about an individual coming to our shores, we can't turn them back if they have an EU passport ... Staying in is a gamble, because this is only going to get worse.
Open uri20170328 4 1mwjycp?1490730727

Kate Hoey Labour MP for Vauxhall since 1989.

If we vote to leave, then the £350m we send to Brussels every week can be spent on our priorities like the NHS.

Philip Davies MP British Conservative Party politician, Member of Parliament for Shipley in West Yorkshire.

[Theresa May] says EU membership is vital as it has allowed the extradition of 5,000 criminals from the UK. That's dwarfed by the number being arrested on our streets every year. Being outside the EU would allow us to be able to stop them coming.
Open uri20160815 3 1e711tt?1471290146

John Redwood Member of Parliament for Wokingham

A Brexit Budget would give us a stronger economy and more and better paid jobs in the UK.
Open uri20160815 3 171i7e3?1471290395

Frank Field MP News and updates from Frank Field, Member of Parliament for Birkenhead

The last thing Jeremy [Corbyn] needs to do is to undermine further the traditional Labour vote, much of which wishes to leave the EU. The referendum holds out an untold danger if another swathe of Labour voters depart to UKIP.
Open uri20170328 4 vlo0ii?1490730691

Luke Johnson Chairman of Risk Capital Partners. Weekly columnist for the Sunday Times

I worry that it [the EU] is a growing threat to our democracy, I think that we lack control over our own borders, I worry that with ever closer union we will be forced at some point into the euro zone which is clearly a failed project.
Open uri20170328 4 11x24sx?1490730743

James Duddridge MP Member of Parliament for Rochford and Southend East. Former Minister for #Africa. Constituents

Arguably Europe is no longer the big growth market. We need to reassert ourselves in the commonwealth and with the anglosphere. The future is bright outside the European Union and our destiny in under out control. It makes sense to leave and leave now.
Open uri20170328 4 36e4ab?1490730635

Peter Bone Member of Parliament for Wellingborough and Rushden

The IMF supported the failed euro and now supports the UK remaining in the EU at the request of the British Government. The safer option is to leave the EU and take back control of our own affairs.


Open uri20180430 4 o6q5zk?1525060358

Richard Branson Founder of Virgin (400 companies)

An exit would be very bad for British business and the economy as a whole.
Open uri20180629 4 qa906n?1530306018

Stephen Hawking British physicist

Brexit would be disaster for UK science
Open uri20160123 3 s3u7cp?1453581293

Michael Sherwood Co-CEO, Goldman Sachs International

In all likelihood we would transfer a substantial part of our European business from London to a eurozone location – the most obvious contenders being Paris and Frankfurt.
Open uri20180831 4 1bgpbr5?1535728352

Barack Obama Former President of United States of America

The UK will lose its influence in the world if it leaves the European Union
Open uri20180216 4 1r41i9y?1518793436

Christine Lagarde IMF Managing Director

It is bound to be a negative on all fronts. For those that stay, because there are fewer of them, and for those who go, because they lose the benefit of facilitation of exchange.
Open uri20160308 3 1sp9nlv?1457466389

Mark Carney Bank of England Governor

Brexit could hit the country's £2.04 trillion economy and prompt some banks to move away from London's global financial powerhouse
Open uri20170328 4 b5i8gk?1490730664

Jeremy Clarkson Broadcaster, journalist and writer

Britain, on its own, has little influence on the world stage ... But Europe if it were well run and had good cohesive, well thought-out policies, would be a tremendous force for good.
Open uri20180824 4 js4mxn?1535128844

David Cameron Former UK Prime Minister

A vote to leave is the gamble of the century
Open uri20160822 3 1j3mgkb?1471894465

George Soros Business magnate, investor, and philanthropist

The UK will struggle if it cuts itself off from the rest of Europe
Open uri20160123 3 1hai8au?1453581281

Sir Paul Nurse Former president of the Royal Society.

The UK would struggle to attract the talent pool of gifted European scientists on which much cutting-edge research relies.
Open uri20160505 3 5sxuff?1462468855

Diane Coyle Professor of Economics, University of Manchester. Vice-Chairman BBC Trust. Former advisor to t

Many foreign investors would relocate, export contracts would not get renegotiated because of the uncertainty, and the transition costs of unpicking a 40+ year relationship would be extremely high
Open uri20160217 3 1pw57qh?1455740608

Gordon Brown Former Prime Minister

3 million jobs in the UK are linked to our trade with the EU. The future prosperity of British people, are inexorably linked to our trade and co-operation with other European countries

Dame Julia Goodfellow Universities UK's President and University of Kent's Vice-Chancellor

The case for staying in Europe is about ensuring the future prosperity of the UK, it’s about maximising the chances of new discoveries that enhance the society in which we live, it’s about the UK’s standing in the world, it’s about British jobs and it’s about opportunities for British people now and in the future.
Open uri20180514 4 1pxd6qn?1526281024

Bill Gates Philanthropist. Founder and former CEO of Microsoft.

the benefits to the UK of being in [the EU], in my view, greatly exceed the benefits of being out.
Open uri20180605 4 wbwtx9?1528197012

Bill Clinton Founder, Clinton Foundation and 42nd President of the United States. Follow @clintonfdn for 

It’s Northern Ireland that will really get whacked if Britain withdrew from the European Union.
Open uri20160822 3 wpbmmi?1471894468

Eddie Izzard English stand-up comedian, actor, and writer.

I’m back campaigning strongly on the EU referendum. It’s crazy to think we could be leaving. Churchill wouldn’t have done it. Running and hiding is not British. You have to be inside it to change it.
Open uri20170328 4 y24kkf?1490730601

Ian McKellen Actor and activist

It bothers me a bit that if Europe begins to break up then the idea that gay people should be looked after may go out the window. I think on those grounds, that’s why I’ll be voting to stay in.
Open uri20170328 4 19mpnus?1490730602

Stephen King Adviser to HSBC

Footballers that leave clubs where they have done well have sometimes underperformed thereafter. Could the UK be heading the same way?
Open uri20180928 4 15ujaqk?1538136549

John McCain U.S. Senator John McCain (R-AZ), Chairman of Senate Armed Services Committee

British membership in the EU is a vital contributor to the security and prosperity of Europe and the United States.
Open uri20170328 4 1ey5x7s?1490732561

Lady Mone Baroness Mone of Mayfair OBE, Entrepreneur, Startup Tsar for the Government

At the end of the day we need to have stability… We need to get the country back, and the country going. And, yes, hindsight is a wonderful thing - if we weren't in the EU - but we are in the EU and I think it's too risky to come out.
Open uri20160822 3 msn42h?1471894286

Yanis Varoufakis Former finance minister of Greece, is Professor of Economics at the University of Athens

[Brexit] would make a bad thing [the EU] far, far worse … Monsters don’t have to win elections to be in power.
Open uri20170328 4 16ti4fv?1490730577

Shinzo Abe Prime Minister of Japan. Leader of Liberal Democratic Party.

A vote to leave would make the United Kingdom less attractive as a destination for Japanese investment… Britain has a greater voice in trade negotiations because it is part of the European Union.
Open uri20180406 4 11trg6e?1523033793

Emmanuel Macron French President

When you [Britain] discuss your steel industry with China you are credible because you are part of the EU, not because you are just UK. You will be completely killed otherwise.
Open uri20160822 3 1xb0b4j?1471894288

Nature International journal of science

Science, in Britain and elsewhere, would benefit from the United Kingdom remaining as a committed member of the European team.
Open uri20170328 4 1mq91ku?1490732558

Martin Schulz President of the European Parliament

People who claim that nation states would do better to go it alone have lost touch with reality. Surely nobody really believes that, if our continent were to fragment, we Europeans... could survive in an ever more globalised and interconnected world?
Open uri20160822 3 ydpix0?1471894471

Alastair Campbell Writer, communicator, consultant, strategist, Ambassador Time to Change and other mental healt

No serious overseas player thinks we should leave, unless it suits their agenda …. The historic significance, if we leave, is greater than any of the elections I was involved in.
Open uri20170328 4 o241vp?1490732565

Garry Kasparov Chairman of the Human Rights Foundation (@HRF). Visiting Fellow at Oxford Martin. Author, spea

Brexit… would be a boon to the terror groups already active inside and outside Europe’s borders, to the Russian dictator who is crashing through those borders, and it would reduce the ability of the UK and Europe to resist these assaults.
Open uri20160824 3 k9r6pl?1472038232

William Hague Former UK Foreign Secretary, Leader of the House of Commons and MP for Richmond

Britain voting to leave the European Union could spark the end of the United Kingdom. It would give Scottish nationalists impetus for a second independence referendum.
Open uri20170328 4 1yaqlt7?1490730650

Martha Lane Fox Co-founder of

Leaving the EU would be a disaster for the next generation of Britain’s entrepreneurs.
Open uri20160824 3 sz19o5?1472038212

Richard Reed Co-founder Innocent Drinks, Jam Jar Investments, Art Everywhere

To vote to leave is to take a leap into the dark, risking a weaker economy, the prospects of future generations, and a loss of influence for businesses of all sizes on the world stage.
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