Elon Musk Founder of SpaceX, cofounder of Tesla, SolarCity & PayPal

Not paying carbon taxes is like not paying for garbage collection.
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Greg Mankiw Harvard professor in economics

People don't want to think about climate change every time they do every decision. They can't. What a carbon tax does is it nudges them in the direction of doing the right thing. But you can cut other taxes in response.
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Barack Obama Former President of United States of America

I have long believed that the most elegant way to drive innovation and to reduce carbon emissions is to put a price on it
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Bill Gates Philanthropist. Founder and former CEO of Microsoft.

The push is the R&D, the pull is the carbon tax. Yes, the government will be somewhat inept, but the private sector is in general inept. How many companies do venture capitalists invest in that go poorly? By far most of them.
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Paul Krugman Economist (nobel laureate) and NY Times columnist

Emissions taxes are the Economics 101 solution to pollution problems; every economist I know would start cheering wildly if Congress voted in a clean, across-the-board carbon tax.
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Bob Inglis Former Congressman

You then offset that [carbon tax] with a reduction in payroll taxes, dollar for dollar. And that's why I was so flexible. It's a tax swap, that's what I was talking about. It wouldn't grow the government, and it would approximate the attachment of these negative externalities to combustion fossil fuels.
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Jerry Taylor President, Niskanen Center

The cost of a carbon tax (likely less than 0.8% of GDP) is well south of the expected costs of warming by 2100 (as mentioned earlier, a conservative 3.6% or more of GDP).
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Katharine Hayhoe Atmospheric scientist and associate professor of political science at Texas Tech University

We don’t have a price on carbon. And because there is no price, we lack the information to make sound decisions.
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Jefferey Sachs American economist

Each region of the world should introduce a tax on CO2 emissions that starts low today and increases gradually and predictably in the future
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Erik Brynjolfsson Professor at MIT

If we're willing to send half a million fellow citizens into battle, to protect oil supplies and our economic way of life, we should be no less willing to make the small sacrifice of paying more for gasoline. A revenue-neutral plan that reduced Social Security taxes by $1 billion for every penny a gallon of gas tax would leave the working poor and middle class better off than before. In the long t... See More
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Erik Solheim Executive director of UN Environment

The profit of destroying nature or polluting the planet is nearly always privatized, while the costs of polluting the planet or the cost of destroying ecosystems is nearly always socialized. That cannot continue.
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Ted Halstead Author, public speaker and social entrepreneur

It is pro growth, pro competition, pro jobs, deregulatory, and it will help the working-class voters that Trump promised to help.

Kenneth Gillingham Associate Professor of Economics, Yale University

Carbon pricing achieves emissions savings by making the carbon content of every decision that you make salient or clear to the person making the decision

Irwin Stelzer Economist, journalist for Sunday Times (London), consultant

No need to compromise on the one solution that almost every economist agrees would be a prudential, efficient way to reduce emissions—a carbon tax.
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William Baldwin

Chuck out all energy legislation, replacing it with a one-sentence statute that levies a tax on carbon emissions.
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Martin Feldstein Economics Professor @ Harvard University & President Emeritus, National Bureau of Economic Res

Two-thirds of American households will receive more in carbon dividends than they will pay directly in carbon taxes.
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Donal Marron

Putting a price on carbon is the most efficient way to reduce carbon emissions.
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Art Laffer American economist who first gained prominence during the Reagan administration as a member of

A carbon tax would attach the national security and environmental costs to carbon-based fuels like oil, causing the market to recognize the price of these negative externalities.
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Charles Wheelan I teach public policy at Dartmouth. I am the author of Naked Money, Naked Statistics, and othe

Even in the face of uncertainty over the effects of global warming – including whether it is happening at all – the policy we ought to pursue is a no-brainer. We ought to protect ourselves from a potentially catastrophic outcome by curtailing carbon emissions now.
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Richard N. Cooper American economist, policy adviser, and academic

Levying a charge on CO2 raises the price of CO2-emitting activities,including fossil fuel use, and thus is the most direct method of influencing consumer and industrial behavior on a world-wide scale.
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Steven Running Regents Professor, Forest Ecology, College of Forestry & Conservation at the University of Mon

...We really need to put a carbon tax that represents the impact carbon emissions have on the world.
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Robert H. Frank University of California, Berkeley, Georgia Institute of Technology

Reducing CO2 emissions would actually be surprisingly easy. The most effective remedy would be a carbon tax, which would raise the after-tax price of goods in rough proportion to the size of their carbon footprint.
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Richard Posner

Stiff taxes will put pressure on the energy industry to achieve technological breakthroughs (such as sequestration of carbon dioxide) that will greatly reduce the use of fossil fuels.

Alex Tabarrok

Two hard ideas that the public must accept if we are to move to a cleaner energy future: nuclear power and carbon taxes.

Herman Daly

a stiff severance tax on carbon, levied at the well head, mine mouth, or port of entry, would go a long way by both reducing carbon use and giving an incentive for developing alternative carbon-free technologies.

WiIlliam Nordhaus Professor of economics at Yale University

Actually from an economic point of view, it's a pretty simple problem
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Gary Becker

We should seek out the many forms of subsidy that run through the entire energy enterprise and eliminate them. In their place we propose a measure that could go a long way toward leveling the playing field: a revenue-neutral tax on carbon, a major pollutant.
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Steven Novella

I am increasingly compelled by arguments for a carbon tax.
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James Baker American attorney and statesman

You can't look at this as a tax, even though the word 'tax' is used

Bruce Bartlett

Trump infrastructure and tax plans should include flood control and a carbon tax.


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Donald J. Trump President of the USA

I will not support or endorse a carbon tax!
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Schroders British multinational asset management company

Total earnings of 12,500 global companies could fall by 20% were the world to limit itself to the 2C temperature rise target agreed in Paris through higher taxes.

Cato Institute A public policy research organization dedicated to individual liberty, limited government, fre

Both in theory and practice, economic analysis shows that the case for a U.S. carbon tax is weaker than its most vocal supporters have led the public to believe.
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James Delingpole Columnist

By taxing carbon dioxide (the harmless trace gas which makes the planet greener), the US government would be signalling to the world that it still believes in the man-made global warming narrative. This, in turn, would keep alive the crony-capitalist “renewables” industry in which Paulson, Steyer, Bloomberg and their friends are so heavily invested.
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Conference Board Cda Non-partisan Canadian not-for-profit think tank

Carbon tax could cause a broad slowdown in economic activity as higher energy prices ripple throughout the economy.
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Patrick Michaels Climatologist

The fact that there isn’t any temperature trend whatsoever in the last 16 years is forcing scientists to confront the reality that the carbon taxers are choosing to evade
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E. Calvin Beisner Founder and National Spokesman

A carbon tax would be bad for the poor, and everyone else
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SOL·MAX·ION Favorite Book: The End of Oil by John Blair

The Carbon Tax and Offsets are a license to pollute. As innovators, we need to raise the bar and go Beyond Sustainability to Innovative Deep Ecology Architecture & Solmaxion Engineering that can deliver up a Fossil Fuel Free supply chain net and eventual global supply chain. Big Oil now needs to acknowledge that now is their 'Big Telecom' moment: fiber optics rendered the price of a phone call $... See More
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Noah Smith Columnist

Carbon taxes are undermined by free trade. If you put a tax on carbon-emitting activity in the U.S., it'll raise the domestic price of (for example) coal. This will provide an incentive for U.S. coal miners to export their coal to other countries, especially China, as they are now trying to do. It will also provide an incentive for Americans to buy more imports from countries where it is still che... See More
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Alessandro Bruno Columnist

Therefore, carbon credits, carbon taxes, and related schemes are actually more about fueling environmental finance than environmental responsibility. The credits are less about projects and research in sustainable production systems and more about the financial interests underlying the market for carbon credits.

Jake Novak Columnist

As with all taxes on suppliers, the companies simply pass the costs on to their consumers. In this case, that includes the middle class and poorer consumers who need heat, electricity, and gasoline.
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David Blackmon Advocate for energy, common sense politics, and all things Texas. Writer, editor, public speak

The problem with the concept of a carbon tax is that it fails to take into consideration how things actually work in the real world, which has a tendency to take wonderful concepts and create horrible and messy outcomes with them.
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Oren Cass Senior Fellow @ManhattanInst. Domestic Policy Director @MittRomney 2012

The concept of revenue neutrality is a mirage. Yes, every dollar raised by the tax can be sent back to households. Remember, though, that the entire premise oThe tax is to force households and businesses away from cheap fossil-fuel consumption and towa
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Dr Robert Gross Director, Centre for Energy Policy and Technology, Imperial College Londo

Carbon taxes are doomed to fail because they do little to drive what is needed most: innovation that generates affordable clean energy that all 7 billion humans will want to adopt, not out of altruism or coercion, but out of self-interest.
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