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Camila Thorndike Director of Oregon Climate

As a cross-sector and market-based solution, a carbon tax empowers business to profitably transition to the clean-energy economy.


Same reasoning as Barak Obama. Unless you make it more expensive, there won't be a push to finally evolve into cleaner forms of energy.
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Interfaith Power and Light

Interfaith Power & Light (IPL) supports putting a price on carbon pollution that will put downward pressure on emissions.
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Carbon Tax Center Leading source of hard news, rigorous analysis, and honest politics on taxing climate pollutio

Myth #1. A tax on carbon pollution will harm the poor and middle class. [...] Rebuttal: The wealthy use more carbon-based energy than the rest of us, by far. For every gallon of gasoline used by the poorest quintile (20%) of households, the richest quint
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Erik Fairbairn Entrepreneur, Founder & CEO @POD_Point, Founder @e25SupercarClub.

A UK Carbon tax would move us forward. Other taxes could drop as a result.
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Hector Perez Co-founder at Agreelist

If products which do contaminate are increased and those which do not are decreased, we'll reduce contamination. I would also increase public investment in clean energy research.
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Adam Ozimek Economist at Moody's Analytics

It will help the government get out of the energy regulation business in the long-run. If innovation drives solar and battery prices low enough, the energy sector may become no different than any other industry in producing limited externalities. Thus the special regulatory consideration it merits will no longer exist.


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SOL·MAX·ION Favorite Book: The End of Oil by John Blair

The Carbon Tax and Offsets are a license to pollute. As innovators, we need to raise the bar and go Beyond Sustainability to Innovative Deep Ecology Architecture & Solmaxion Engineering that can deliver up a Fossil Fuel Free supply chain net and eventual global supply chain. Big Oil now needs to acknowledge that now is their 'Big Telecom' moment: fiber optics rendered the price of a phone call $... See More
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Alessandro Bruno Columnist

Therefore, carbon credits, carbon taxes, and related schemes are actually more about fueling environmental finance than environmental responsibility. The credits are less about projects and research in sustainable production systems and more about the financial interests underlying the market for carbon credits.
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Noah Smith Columnist

Carbon taxes are undermined by free trade. If you put a tax on carbon-emitting activity in the U.S., it'll raise the domestic price of (for example) coal. This will provide an incentive for U.S. coal miners to export their coal to other countries, especially China, as they are now trying to do. It will also provide an incentive for Americans to buy more imports from countries where it is still che... See More

Jake Novak Columnist

As with all taxes on suppliers, the companies simply pass the costs on to their consumers. In this case, that includes the middle class and poorer consumers who need heat, electricity, and gasoline.
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David Blackmon Advocate for energy, common sense politics, and all things Texas. Writer, editor, public speak

The problem with the concept of a carbon tax is that it fails to take into consideration how things actually work in the real world, which has a tendency to take wonderful concepts and create horrible and messy outcomes with them.
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Oren Cass Senior Fellow @ManhattanInst. Domestic Policy Director @MittRomney 2012

The concept of revenue neutrality is a mirage. Yes, every dollar raised by the tax can be sent back to households. Remember, though, that the entire premise oThe tax is to force households and businesses away from cheap fossil-fuel consumption and towa
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Dr Robert Gross Director, Centre for Energy Policy and Technology, Imperial College Londo

Carbon taxes are doomed to fail because they do little to drive what is needed most: innovation that generates affordable clean energy that all 7 billion humans will want to adopt, not out of altruism or coercion, but out of self-interest.

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