Open uri20170910 4 1p51j4a?1505065887

Kevin Hassett resident scholar and director of economic policy studies at the renowned American Enterprise I

Open uri20170910 4 1faes2?1505064781

Daniel McFadden American econometrician

Open uri20170909 4 josmib?1504936281

Ted Gayer Vice President and Director of the Economic Studies program and Joseph A. Pechman Senior Fello

Open uri20170910 4 hvji2x?1505065377

James Hansen American adjunct professor in the Department of Earth and Environmental Sciences at Columbia U

Open uri20170910 4 q9w6p0?1505065993

John H. Cochrane economist, specializing in financial economics and macroeconomics

Open uri20170910 4 dwz703?1505065475

Edward Glaeser American economist

Open uri20170910 4 1lua2ko?1505065024

Rex Tillerson American government official, civil engineer, and former energy executive

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