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Michael Shamos American mathematician

Technology is always required in elections. The days of the hand-counted ballots are over. You can design technology in a way that makes the problems readily apparent or that they're disguised. My position is that when a problem is found, it's an engineering problem.
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Harris Miller American politician

The machines performed beautifully ... Instead of theories about catastrophes, the simple reality is that the machines produce accurate results and the voters love them.
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Ted Selker Computer scientist

Numerous pieces of evidence suggest that electronic voting machines outperformed all other methods used [in the 2004 US presidential election].

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Lawrence Norden Deputy Director of the Democracy Program at the Brennan Center for Justice

If you have machines not working, or working slowly, that could create lots of problems too, preventing people from voting at all.
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Ron Rivest Cryptographer

We have learned the hard way that almost any computer system can be broken into by a sufficiently determined, skillful, and persistent adversary. There is nothing special about voting systems that magically provides protection against attack... Voting system software may be maliciously designed, may contain bugs, or may be changed or replaced at some point during the pre-election roll-out of eq... See More
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David Dill Computer scientist

The way I look at things is: How many people have to conspire to steal an election now? With paper ballots at polling places, to steal a significant number of votes, you’d have to have lots of poll workers or a lot of voters voting fraudulently, which would be very difficult and expensive. And with paperless touchscreen voting you maybe need a few programmers. If you had widespread Internet voting... See More

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