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Steven Chu

[Fracking] is something you can do in a safe way.
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Barack Obama Former President of United States of America

After years of talking about it, we are finally poised to control our own energy future. We produce more natural gas than ever before – and nearly everyone’s energy bill is lower because of it. … The natural gas boom has led to cleaner power and greater energy independence. We need to encourage that.
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Donald J. Trump President of the USA

Fracking will lead to American independence. With price of natural gas continuing to drop, we can be at a tremdendous advantage.
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David Cameron Former UK Prime Minister

I passionately believe that there is big potential for fracking and unconventional gas in Britain, which has some shale reserves that could make a real difference.
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Rush Limbaugh U.s. radio talk show host, commentator, author, and television personality

Other than areas of high-tech, fracking is probably one of the largest areas where concentrated growth in America's economy is taking place. There are oil booms in the Dakotas, in North Dakota. They are having to build entire cities, towns, to house employees showing up to work in fracking. The left is trying to shut it down under some claim that it destroys the environment. Natural gas and oil, o... See More
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Theresa May Prime minister of the United Kingdom

I have to say to the honourable gentleman that this is an issue on which we are simply going to have to disagree because I think shale gas does have the potential to power economic growth in this country. I think it will support thousands of jobs in the oil and gas industries and in other sectors and it will provide a new domestic energy source and we have more than 50 years of drilling experie... See More
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Andrea Leadsom Conservative Member of Parliament for South Northamptonshire

In 2003, we were a net exporter of gas. By 2030 we expect to be importing close to 75% of the gas we consume. By making the most of our home-grown gas we can safeguard our own domestic supply whilst also cutting our carbon emissions.
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Lisa Jackson American politician

I’m not aware of any proven case where the fracking process itself has affected water.
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Mark DeWine Husband to Fran | Father of 8 | Grandfather of 23 | Ohio Attorney General | Republican Nominee

I'm for the fracking. I think its an opportunity for Ohio to really get a lot of jobs. But we have to do it right. We have to really take a deep breath, do it right, make sure the public is protected, make sure our land is protected.
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Ken Salazar American politician

Hydraulic fracking is very much a necessary part of the future of natural gas.

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MIchael Hudson Economist. Research Professor of Economics at the University of Missouri, Kansas City.

You have a choice. Either you can have more oil, or more clean water. Fracking is not good for the water supply.
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Ian Somerhalder American actor, model and director

Fracking is our biggest enemy right now in the U.S. Actually, not just in the U.S., because all our water systems are interconnected. Whether you're reading this in New York State or in Japan, fracking is screwing you over.
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Fracking kills, and it doesn't just kill us. It kills the land, nature and, eventually, the whole world.
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Bernie Sanders American politician

I'm very proud that the state of Vermont banned fracking. I hope communities all over California, and all over America do the same.
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Mark Ruffalo I'm a husband, father, actor, director, and a climate change advocate with an eye on a better,

We're clearly coming to the end of the fossil fuel era. We have the technology to shift to renewable energy, we have the will of the people. The only thing that's keeping us back is the fossil fuel industry's hold on our political system. That's what we need to change.
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Willie Nelson Official Willie Nelson I didn't come here, and I ain't leaving.

It's bad for the land, bad for the farmers, bad for the soil. It's just all around a bad idea.
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Dr. Jill Stein Green Party 2016 candidate for President, activist, medical doctor, environmental health advoc

It's not possible to solve the climate crisis while we continue to expand fracking.
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Bill McKibben Author, Educator, Environmentalist and Founder of Opinions emphatical

Basically, fracking is a method of polluting water that generates some climate change as a byproduct.
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Sean Lennon The Delirium, The Goastt, Chimera Music, / / htt

Natural gas has been sold as clean energy. But when the gas comes from fracturing bedrock with about five million gallons of toxic water per well, the word “clean” takes on a disturbingly Orwellian tone. Don’t be fooled. Fracking for shale gas is in truth dirty energy.
Open uri20180824 4 1i19q5y?1535128330

Caroline Lucas MP for Brighton Pavilion; Co-leader of the Green Party with @jon_bartley; Mum

If the Government is to match its rhetoric on the climate deal struck in Paris then ministers must urgently rethink their entire approach to energy policy. To have any realistic chance of keeping global warming to well under 2 degrees we need to ban fracking in the UK. “That’s why the decision to allow drilling under protected areas as well as everywhere else is so deeply disappointing. Not onl... See More

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