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William A. Darity Professor of Public Policy at Duke University

Each job offered under a federal employment assurance would be at a wage rate above the poverty threshold, and would include benefits like health insurance. A public sector job guarantee would establish a quality of work and the level of compensation offered for all jobs. The program would be great for the country: It could meet a wide range of the nation’s physical and human infrastructure needs,... See More
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Randall Wray Professor of Economics at U. Missouri–Kansas City, Senior Scholar at Levy Economics Institute

Estimated spending will be 1–2 percent of GDP, with economic, social and political benefits several times larger. Net program costs will be much lower, since spending on unemployment compensation and other relief will be reduced—this program will pay people for working, rather than paying them not to work. The promise of increased national productivity and shared prosperity should far outweigh an... See More
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Centre for American Progress Progressive public policy research and advocacy organization

[We propose] a jobs guarantee to counter the effects of reduced bargaining power, technical change, globalization, and the Great Recession
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Pavlina R Tcherneva Economist, Speaker, Author, Professor, Bard College. Research Scholar, Levy Economics Institut

The job guarantee is a proposal that provides greater macroeconomic stability and secures a fundamental human right. The job guarantee would run through the social enterprise sector, which includes traditional nonprofit organizations and emerging nonprofit social entrepreneurial ventures.
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Bill Mitchell Professor of Economics and Musician

The first major intervention should be the announcement by the Federal government of a Job Guarantee, which would unconditionally provide a minimum wage job to anybody who could not find work elsewhere.
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Rania Antonopoulou Economist and politician

The JG policy is a bold and effective alternative. It is a proven policy that mobilizes the most valuable resource of any economy: labor. By providing a framework within which productive activity replaces forced idleness, Greek workers would earn a minimum wage while creating the very goods and services that benefit their communities, across Greece.


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Josh Barro Senior editor for Business Insider

While I favor policies to tighten the labor market, I'm not sure how a job guarantee would work. What if you can't do anything useful? What if you're terrible at your guaranteed job? There are things the government could be doing to foster job creation in recessions — deficit spending, nominal GDP targeting, a higher default level of inflation, countercyclical infrastructure investment — that stri... See More
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Annie Lowrey Economic policy journalist at The Atlantic

The CAP proposal [jobs guarantee] leaves a number of questions unanswered. For example, the report suggests turning the current pool of unemployed, displaced, and discouraged workers into teachers’ aides, EMTs, and elder-care assistants. But those are jobs that require a considerable amount of training and skill, and are generally long-term careers rather than temporary gigs.
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The Economist Weekly magazine-format newspaper

Rather than having the government find jobs for everyone, how about we have the government not fire people from useful government jobs they know how to do well in the middle of a recession?
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Matthew Yglesias Blogger and journalist

But why insist on delivering that generosity in the specific form of "here's a make-work job for you to do in exchange for a check"? Why not just hand over the check? That way you don't need to cut as many checks to people supervising the work, obtaining the equipment to do the work, etc.
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Mises Institute Foundation teaching and researching the scholarship of Austrian economics, freedom, and peace

This is made clear by taking the argument to its logical conclusion and considering a government proposal that paid one set of workers to dig ditches and the other set to fill them back in. While there would be a virtually unlimited number of jobs that could be created under such a program, there is clearly no value creation of any kind. Thus, a government-mandated job omits the very thing that ma... See More
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Dean Baker Macroeconomist and codirector of the Center for Economic and Policy Research

A jobs guarantee may be a good aspirational goal, but we have a lot of messy work that we have to deal with first. If the push for a jobs guarantee distracts from this work, then it will be a major step backwards
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Tim Worstall Senior Fellow of the Adam Smith Institute and writer

Government simply isn't capable of planning what should be done. And we can't just do really simple things because we don't have any really simple things to do with lots of labour. Thus the idea of a government job guarantee just isn't going to work.

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