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Justice Thomas Waterman Justice of the Iowa Supreme Court

Banning gestational surrogacy contracts would deprive infertile couples of perhaps the only way to raise their own biological children and would limit the contractual rights of willing surrogates.
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Kim Kardashian American television personality

The fact that this is just what we can do these days, I'm like really thankful... Like I'm seriously so grateful for [our surrogate] and that someone is just so like selfless and kind to do this.
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Khloé Kardashian American television personality

I mean, I thought about surrogacy at one point but then it just didn't cross my mind.
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Tom Daley British diver

The laws in the UK don't actually permit commercial surrogacy... That was a bit of shock to me. That in a place like this, that seems so progressive and so far ahead still to the United States on things like employment, housing, security and marriage. But on surrogacy, it's not available in the same way.
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Government of Canada The federal administration of Canada

In Canada, it is a crime to pay (in cash, goods, property or services), offer to pay or advertise to pay a woman to be a surrogate mother. The AHR Act does not: Prohibit surrogacy itself, as long as a surrogate mother in Canada makes this decision for altruistic reasons (i.e., without financial or other gain); Criminalize a woman who agrees to be or becomes a surrogate mother. It is paying, offe... See More
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State of California State in the Pacific Region of the United States of America

The judgment or order [regarding the legal parents of a child] shall establish the parent-child relationship of the intended parent(s) identified in the surrogacy agreement. It shall also establish that the surrogate, her spouse, or partner is not a parent of, and has no parental rights or duties with respect to, the child or children
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Ministry of Personnel, Public Grievances and Pensions Coordinating agency of the Government of India in personnel matters

[The department of personnel and training (DoPT) has instructed all Central ministries and departments to implement a 2015 order of the Delhi High Court for granting maternity leave to female employees who chooses to have a child by commissioning a surrogacy.]
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Andrew Percy British Conservative Party politician

The law is currently outdated and inadequate and fails to represent the reality of modern day surrogacy in the UK and the changed perceptions of family.
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Gabriela Mosquera Member of the new jersey general assembly

I don’t believe that these gestational carriers are being exploited... I don’t think they’re stupid women. I think they’re intelligent women and I believe that they know what they are getting themselves into, especially when they have to [have] their own attorney.


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Olga Bogomolets Doctor and MP chairing Ukraine's parliamentary committee

The [Ukrainian] industry is not sufficiently regulated and this lack of oversight can put both surrogate mothers and the paying parents at risk.
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Government of People's Republic of China Government of China

[Surrogacy contracts are not recognised.]
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Government of Cambodia Government of Cambodia

Surrogacy, one of a set of services to have a baby by Assisted Reproductive Technology, is banned completely.
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Government of the United Kingdom UK Government

It’s illegal to pay a surrogate in the UK, except for their reasonable expenses.
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Lyle W. Hillyard Utah politician and an attorney

I don’t think there’s anyone who thinks all surrogate births are wrong... We just need to make sure the law is written in a way that only allows surrogate births under specific circumstances. We need to stop selling babies, you know.
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