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Seth Mnookin Director of MIT's Graduate Program in Science Writing

Robert Kennedy Jr made his name in the anti-vaccine movement in 2005, when he published a story alleging a massive conspiracy regarding thimerosal, a mercury-based preservative that had been removed from all childhood vaccines except for some variations of the flu vaccine in 2001. In his piece, Kennedy completely ignored an Institute of Medicine immunization safety review on thimerosal published t... See More
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Sanjay Gupta American neurosurgeon and multiple Emmy®-award winning chief medical correspondent for CNN

That you are 100 times more likely to be struck by lightning than to have a serious allergic reaction to the vaccine that protects you against measles is not a matter of opinion. That is also a matter of fact.
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Alex Pareene splinter, deadspin, gawker, racket teen, salon, wonkette

Vaccines don't cause autism. Vaccines, instead, prevent disease. Vaccines have wiped out a score of formerly deadly childhood diseases. Vaccine skepticism has helped to bring some of those diseases back from near extinction.
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Michael Specter I am a staff writer at The New Yorker and the author of the book Denialism.

It doesn't seem to matter how often vaccines are proved safe or supplements are shown to offer nothing of value. When people don't like facts, they ignore them.
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Jeffrey Kluger Journalist; editor and writer @Time magazine. Author of 9 books, including Apollo 13.

Vaccines save lives; fear endangers them. It's a simple message parents need to keep hearing.

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