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Bryan Johnson agrees: Encryption is a human right

Founder of KernelCo, OS Fund & Braintree

When I use Facebook today, I log in and I socialize with my friends and my family. In exchange for that, they acquire as much data as they possibly can about me. They know me better than my girlfriend. That’s the same relationship I have with Google and Twitter and the government, who is also collecting everything they can about me. I really dislike this relationship. Now, let’s imagine, if we have these interfaces and we’re streaming our thoughts and our secrets and our imaginations and our fantasies in real time, I really dislike that relationship. So what if we had the power of these tools and what if we could drop this data into the blockchain and what if we said that human data privacy was a human right? In doing that, we leverage these tools to recreate societal structure on trust, security to working on things like terrorism or mass shootings, where if you are represented by the blockchain and you are secured with all your information and you give permission to others, but then people build algorithms of security to hit your blockchain and say, “Is this person safe to enter this website?” we can rebuild societal trust mechanisms. The idea that a centralized government can keep society safe is insane. We have to rebuild these fundamental architectures.


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