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Andrew Ng agrees: Timing is key for the launch of new technologies

Baidu; Stanford CS faculty; founded Coursera and Google Brain

Need to time technology well: 2007 was good time to launch iPhone; but not 1993 (Apple Newton) since battery/screen/chip tech not there. Extreme example: Leonardo da Vinci (1480s) invention of helicopters was way too early. Engine technology didn’t get there until 1900s. Maybe 2007 was early for autonomous driving (DARPA Urban Challenge) since AI, sensors not yet there. From ~2015 ecosystem more ready. 1990s internet/web/video streaming not yet ready to support MOOCs. In 2011 infrastructure was ready hence Coursera/etc. Deep learning as well. Shallow algorithms worked better in 1990s since data/compute were smaller. From ~2007, the foundation was there.


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