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Andrew Ng disagrees: AI will pose a serious risk to society within the next 50 years

Baidu; Stanford CS faculty; founded Coursera and Google Brain

Worrying about the rise of evil killer robots is like worrying about overpopulation and pollution on Mars before we've even set foot on it - an unnecessary distraction.



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Hector Perez

"If we were to detect a large asteroid on course to collide with Earth in 2069, would we say it's too soon to worry? Quite the opposite! There would be a worldwide emergency project to develop the means to counter the threat. We wouldn't wait until 2066 to start working ona solution, because we can't say in advance how much time is needed. Indeed, NASA's Planetary Defense project is already working on possible solutions, even though "no known asteroid poses a significant risk of impact with Earth over the next 100 years.” - Stuart Russell, Human Compatible

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