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Jeff Bezos disagrees: AI and robots might cause mass unemployment

Amazon, Blue Origin, Washington Post

And then the jobless.... Is AI going to put everybody out of work? I am not worried about this. I find that people, all of us, I include myself, we are so unimaginative about what future jobs are going to look like and what they are going to be. Humans like to do things and we like to be productive and we will figure out things to do and we will use these tools to make ourselves more powerful. What I predict is that jobs will get more engaging. Because you have to remember, a lot of the jobs today are quite routine. I predict that, because of artificial intelligence and its ability to automate certain tasks that in the past were impossible to automate, not only will we have a much wealthier civilization, but the quality of work will go up very significantly and a higher fraction of people will have callings and careers relative to today.


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