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Andy Stern

Author Raising the Floor; Richman Center, Columbia University; Former President SEIU · wikipedia · twitter

Educated at:

University of Pennsylvania


Trade Unionist

Basic Income agreed by Andy Stern · 15 May 2017
We're about to lose some of the most basic programs we had [because of technology], like Medicare, potentially. I don’t think there's any proof that it's any more politically feasible to hold on to what we have than to build on a big new idea. source
AI and robots might cause mass unemployment agreed by Andy Stern · 14 May 2018
A universal basic income is essentially giving every single working-age American a check every month, much like we do with social security for elderly people. It’s an unconditional stipend, as it were. The reason it's necessary is we're now learning through lots of reputable research that technological change is accelerating, and that this process will continue to displace workers and terminate... See More source
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