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Ben Shapiro

EIC, syndicated radio host and columnist, host of "The Ben Shapiro Sho · wikipedia · twitter

Educated at:

University of California · Los Angeles · Harvard Law School · Harvard University


Radio Personality · Lawyer · Editor · Journalist

Assault weapons should be banned disagreed by Ben Shapiro · 07 Sep 2018
They [civilians] need them [assault weapons] for the prospective possibility of resistance to tyranny. source
Universal Health Care disagreed by Ben Shapiro · 17 Aug 2018
Morally, you have no right to demand medical care of me. I may recognize your necessity and offer charity; my friends and I may choose to band together and fund your medical care. But your necessity does not change the basic math: Medical care is a service and a good provided by a third party... [M]edical care is a commodity, and treating it otherwise is foolhardy. To make a commodity cheaper a... See More source
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