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Peter Hitchens

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University of York


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Brexit agreed by Peter Hitchens · 24 Aug 2016
State-funded faith schools agreed by Peter Hitchens · 16 Apr 2018
And I have little doubt that these schools are generally better than their secular equivalents partly (but not wholly) because they are selective. Selection, alas, is the foundation of authority in schools, and those which have little or none tend to be anarchic, unless they come under the leadership of those rare charismatic heads whose personality is so strong that they could have quelled the Mu... See More source
Legalise recreational drugs disagreed by Peter Hitchens · 30 Apr 2018
What I'm in favour of is the clear, consistent enforcement of a 43-year-old law, which has fallen into disuse because politicians, judges and police officers have decided they prefer not to enforce it. I do not imagine my preferred policy would end or solve the problem. I do, however, believe that it would greatly reduce it. If people insist on breaking known and enforced laws, they must, fo... See More source
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