Brexit disagreed by Emmanuel Macron · 18 Apr 2016
When you [Britain] discuss your steel industry with China you are credible because you are part of the EU, not because you are just UK. You will be completely killed otherwise. source
Eurozone finance minister and budget agreed by Emmanuel Macron · 19 Jan 2018
[We need] deeper integration between eurozone states, including a real eurozone budget [and a] a permanent finance minister who leads this executive. This is a democratic responsibility on the eurozone level, and as such it requires maximum ambition source
Porn contributes to violence against women agreed by Emmanuel Macron · 24 Jan 2018
Pornography has nowadays entered schools. We cannot on the one hand blame violences against women, and on the other hand close our eyes on the influence that porn, which makes of sexuality a theatre of humiliation and violences against women - who come across as having given consent -, exerts on young souls. source
Labor law should be reformed in France agreed by Emmanuel Macron · 07 Jun 2017
French system is no longer sustainable source
Many autonomous vehicles will have drivers agreed by Emmanuel Macron · 06 Apr 2018
I do not believe that autonomous vehicles will exist without any drivers at all. For me, that’s pure imagination. You already have fully automated programs to drive planes. Therefore we technically could have planes with no pilots. But you still have two pilots in every plane. Even if almost everything is automated. That’s because you need to have responsibility, precisely. So what we will reduce ... See More source
Retraining is the solution to job losses agreed by Emmanuel Macron · 06 Apr 2018
Being focused on protecting jobs is not the right answer. It’s the people you need to protect. You do so by giving them opportunities and by training and retraining them again to get new jobs. Don’t block the change because it’s coming and people will accept it. But try to be at the fore-front of change to better understand it and deal with it. Change can destroy jobs in the very short run, but cr... See More source
Ban Autonomous Weapons agreed by Emmanuel Macron · 06 Apr 2018
I’m dead against [autonomous weapons]. Because I think you always need responsibility and assertion of responsibility. And technically speaking, you can have in some situations, some automation which will be possible. But automation or machines put in a situation precisely to do that would create an absence of responsibility. Which, for me, is a critical issue. So that’s absolutely impossible. Tha... See More source
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