Brexit disagreed by Emmanuel Macron
When you [Britain] discuss your steel industry with China you are credible because you are part of the EU, not because you are just UK. You will be completely killed otherwise.
Eurozone finance minister and budget agreed by Emmanuel Macron
[We need] deeper integration between eurozone states, including a real eurozone budget [and a] a permanent finance minister who leads this executive. This is a democratic responsibility on the eurozone level, and as such it requires maximum ambition
Porn contributes to violence against women agreed by Emmanuel Macron
Pornography has nowadays entered schools. We cannot on the one hand blame violences against women, and on the other hand close our eyes on the influence that porn, which makes of sexuality a theatre of humiliation and violences against women - who come across as having given consent -, exerts on young souls.
Labor law should be reformed in France agreed by Emmanuel Macron
French system is no longer sustainable
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