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Yuval Noah Harari

Israeli historian and professor at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem · wikipedia · twitter

Educated at:

University of Oxford · Hebrew University of Jerusalem


Writer · Medievalist · Historian

Basic Income disagreed by Yuval Noah Harari · 04 Jul 2017
Paying people not to work will only increase inequality and rancor. [...] If universal basic income is aimed to improve the objective conditions of the average person in 2050, it has a fair chance of succeeding. But if it is aimed to make people subjectively more satisfied with their lot in order to prevent social discontent, it is likely to fail. source
AI and robots might cause mass unemployment agreed by Yuval Noah Harari · 14 May 2018
Most people tend to overestimate human beings. In order to replace most humans, the AI won't have to do very spectacular things. Most of the things the political and economic system needs from human beings are actually quite simple. We earlier talked about driving a taxi or diagnosing a disease. This is something that AI will soon be able to do better than humans even without consciousness, even w... See More source
American and British isolationism could lead to a new nuclear arms race agreed by Yuval Noah Harari · 20 Feb 2020
American isolationism, British isolationism and the disruption and disintegration of a rule-based international system could ignite even more dangerous nuclear arms race between many more countries. If Germany no longer can trust the USA and Britain to back to Germany in case of confrontation with the Russians, then the Germans will say: hey, we now need nuclear weapons of our own. We can no longe... See More source
Existential challenges should receive the center stage in every election agreed by Yuval Noah Harari · 20 Feb 2020
I try to change the public conversation and focus the debate on what I think are the most important challenges: nuclear war, the ecological crisis and the dangers of disruptive technology, especially AI and bioengineering. They focus on things like terrorism, immigration or the structure of the EU trade agreements, which are important, we do need to think about it and take care of it, but this ... See More source
Nationalists should also be globalists agreed by Yuval Noah Harari · 20 Feb 2020
If you really care about people in your country and you want to protect them from climate change, dangerous technologies, etc. you must cooperate [globally]. source
AI could lead to new colonies agreed by Yuval Noah Harari · 20 Feb 2020
In the 19th century, a few countries industrialized first and then conquered the whole world. It can happen again with AI. At present, China and the US are leading the AI arms race and if we aren't careful, we will see a new wave of kind of data colonialism that many countries become just data colonies. If you have enough data you don't need to send soldiers. Just imagine what the situation... See More source
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