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Institute of Economic Affairs

The Institute of Economic Affairs is the UK's original free-market think-tank, founded in 1955 · wikipedia · twitter

Robot Tax disagreed by Institute of Economic Affairs · 05 Jun 2018
We must not be afraid of technological change and the rise of robots. New technology offers us improved living standards and a better quality of life and there is little evidence that job displacement is moving faster than the economy's ability to develop new types of employment. It is often overlooked that with technological change has come the creation of many new jobs already, including IT and ... See More source
Soda taxes disagreed by Institute of Economic Affairs · 21 Sep 2018
Early evidence casts serious doubt on whether sugary drink taxes have ‘progressive’ health benefits either. Low-income consumers do not seem to have particularly elastic demand for sugary drinks. Even if they enjoyed disproportionate health gains from sin taxes, they would still suffer a net loss to their welfare and the tax would remain regressive in the traditional sense. source
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