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Joseph Stiglitz

Nobel laureate economist based at Columbia University · wikipedia · twitter

Educated at:

Fitzwilliam College · Amherst College · Massachusetts Institute of Technology · University of Chicago


Economist · University Teacher · Science Writer · Non Fiction Writer · Professor · Critic · Writer · Scientist

Brexit disagreed by Joseph Stiglitz · 13 Mar 2016
Basic Income disagreed by Joseph Stiglitz · 27 Nov 2016
You want your government to think more carefully about targeting programmes that help those in need, rather than universal. That’s a trade-off given the budget constraints on the public sector source
Carbon Tax agreed by Joseph Stiglitz · 08 Sep 2017
Cryptocurrencies disagreed by Joseph Stiglitz · 16 Feb 2018
[Governments will] regulate it out of existence. source
Universal Health Care agreed by Joseph Stiglitz · 17 Aug 2018
As the gap between rich and poor keeps growing and part-time jobs become more common, we must strengthen the social safety net. Universal health coverage would give essential protection, and needs to be part of every society. source
Tariffs disagreed by Joseph Stiglitz · 12 Aug 2018
With the election of Trump, America's soft power has taken a big hit. The United States has moved from a position of leadership in the creation of a rules-based international system to a position of leadership in its destruction and the creation of a regime of global protectionism. The damage will be long-lasting. source
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