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Owen Jones

Columnist for the Guardian and the New Statesmen · wikipedia · twitter

Educated at:

University College · Bramhall High School


Journalist · Writer · Columnist

Brexit disagreed by Owen Jones · 24 Aug 2016
Basic Income agreed by Owen Jones · 29 Jan 2017
Basic income – where we all are given a payment from the state as a right of citizenship – should be introduced. source
Legalise recreational drugs agreed by Owen Jones · 30 Apr 2018
Yes, politicians who abandon the failed mantra of the drug war risk the incandescent rage of the Daily Mail. But how many lives have to be lost – or simply ruined – before reality and common sense finally prevail? Rather than expanding the efforts of a disastrous policy, the old failed approach must finally be abandoned. source
Clinton over Trump agreed by Owen Jones · 30 Aug 2016
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