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Paul Polman

CEO, Unilever · wikipedia · twitter

Educated at:

University of Groningen · University of Cincinnati



Brexit disagreed by Paul Polman · 11 Aug 2015
The UK economy is not strong enough [on its own] in a globally interdependent world. We tend to take for granted the good things the EU brings to Britain. source
Soda taxes disagreed by Paul Polman · 21 Sep 2018
In essence, there is nothing wrong with [sugar], it depends on how your diet is. In some products it makes more sense, in others not. I personally am very mindful of my sugar intake. But I don’t need a tax for that, nor do poor people need a tax for that. Poor people need to be helped not being poor, that’s probably a bigger thing than anything else. source
Climate change is real agreed by Paul Polman · 05 Oct 2018
Climate change threatens the production of food staples like corn, wheat, rice and soy by as much as a quarter – but a global population of nine billion by 2050 will need up to 50% more food. source
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