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Benjamin Netanyahu,

agrees Surrogacy
Single mother have the right to the surrogacy process, but single fathers don’t have that right. It simply isn’t fair.
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Andrew McAfee,

As digital devices like computers and robots get more capable thanks to Moore’s Law (the proposition that the number of transistors on a semiconductor can be inexpensively doubled about every two years), they can do more of the work that people used to do. Digital labor, in short, substitutes for human labor.
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Erik Brynjolfsson, Professor at MIT

agrees Carbon Tax
If we're willing to send half a million fellow citizens into battle, to protect oil supplies and our economic way of life, we should be no less willing to make the small sacrifice of paying more for gasoline. A revenue-neutral plan that reduced Social Security taxes by $1 billion for every penny a gallon of gas tax would leave the working poor and middle class better off than before. In the long t... See More
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Robin Chase, Founder of ZipCar

agrees Basic Income
Basic income is the long-term answer to the increasing precariousness of ordinary people in a global economy that can shift their jobs to the other side of the world in a heartbeat.
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Jon Moynihan, British businessman

agrees Brexit
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Calie Pistorius, South african academic

disagrees Brexit
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Kofi Annan, 7th secretary-general of the united nations

disagrees Brexit
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Christopher C. Ashby, American diplomat

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