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Ted Kennedy, American politician

It [universal health care] has never been merely a question of policy; it goes to the heart of my belief in a just society.
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Thomas Frank,

disagrees Surrogacy
When money is exchanged for pregnancy, some believe, surrogacy comes close to organ-selling, or even baby-selling.
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R.G. Frey, Philosopher

agrees Euthanasia
Especially with regard to taking life, slippery slope arguments have long been a feature of the ethical landscape, used to question the moral permissibility of all kinds of acts... The situation is not unlike that of a doomsday cult that predicts time and again the end of the world, only for followers to discover the next day that things are pretty much as they were... We need the evidence that... See More
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Steve Huffman, Co-founder and CEO of Reddit

If we don’t have net neutrality protections that enforce tenets of fairness online, you give internet service providers the ability to choose winners and losers. This is not hyperbole.
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Bob Inglis, Former Congressman

agrees Carbon Tax
You then offset that [carbon tax] with a reduction in payroll taxes, dollar for dollar. And that's why I was so flexible. It's a tax swap, that's what I was talking about. It wouldn't grow the government, and it would approximate the attachment of these negative externalities to combustion fossil fuels.
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Phil Plait,

agrees Carbon Tax
A carbon tax will force these companies to look into more efficient renewable energy production, as well they should.
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Nick Morgan, Managing director, Le Ski

disagrees Brexit
You can basically add £50 to £100 onto the cost of your ski holiday if we leave… Anyone who imagines the French are going to renegotiate contracts the week after Brexit with no problem is fooling themselves.
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Javier Solana, Spanish politician

disagrees Brexit
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Sean Patrick Thomas, American actor


Sarah Drew, American actress

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Gene Lyons, American journalist

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Paul D. Fraim, American mayor

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Mark Sanford, 115th governor of south carolina

disagrees Clinton over Trump
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Shelley Moore Capito, American politician

disagrees Clinton over Trump

Jim Gilmore, American politician and former governor of virginia

disagrees Clinton over Trump
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Nellie Pou, Member of the new jersey senate

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Mark Herring, American physician and politician

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Sean Patrick Maloney, American politician

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Bill Nelson, American politician

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Angus King, United states senator from maine

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