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Ted Kennedy, American politician

It [universal health care] has never been merely a question of policy; it goes to the heart of my belief in a just society.
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Debra Bowen,

disagrees Electronic voting
When I took office, I commissioned a top-to-bottom review of all our voting systems: paper-based optical scan systems, as well as the e-voting or touchscreen systems. The University of California took the lead, and it involved universities and private-sector people from around the country. I have about 700 pages of documentation that are publicly available on my Web site, and I had another private... See More
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Robert F. Kennedy Jr, American radio host, environmental activist, author and attorney specializing in environmental law

disagrees Vaccines
None of the vaccines have more than a few months of double-blind placebo testing, which will not allow you to spot illnesses like autism that aren’t diagnosed before five years. Second of all, in most vaccines, for example the Gardasil vaccine, they don’t use true placebos.
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Mina Gerowin, American businesswoman

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Robert F. Kennedy, Jr., American activist

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Brendan Johnson, American lawyer

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Karl Racine, American lawyer

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Scott Surovell, American politician

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Jennifer McClellan, Virginia politician

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Laura Ingraham, Radio host

disagrees Clinton over Trump
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Virgil Goode, American politician

disagrees Clinton over Trump
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Randy Forbes, American politician

disagrees Clinton over Trump
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John Cornyn, United states senator from texas

disagrees Clinton over Trump

Jim Gilmore, American politician and former governor of virginia

disagrees Clinton over Trump
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Doug Gansler, American politician in maryland

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Robin Carnahan, American businesswoman

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Sean Patrick Maloney, American politician

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Sheila Jackson Lee, American politician

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Sheldon Whitehouse, American politician and the junior united states senator from rhode island

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Bill Nelson, American politician

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Angus King, United states senator from maine

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Evan Bayh, U.s. senator from indiana

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