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Lawrence Kudlow,

disagrees Tariffs
The biggest flaw in the Trump economic plan is the tilt toward protectionism. I have parted company with him on this. The question here is whether his campaign bark will turn out to be bigger than his government-policy bite.
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Ralph Nader, Consumer advocate, author and former presidential candidate

agrees Basic Income
Basic income would get rid of chronic capitalism
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Ted Cruz, U.S. Senator, 2016 GOP candidate for President

agrees Brexit
If Brexit takes place, Britain will be at the front of the line for a free trade deal with America, not at the back. There is a vast amount of trade, commerce and investment between our two nations.
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David Petraeus, Retired american military officer and public official

disagrees Brexit
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Michael Froman, Us trade representative

disagrees Brexit
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W. Michael Blumenthal, American businessperson, politician

disagrees Brexit
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Robert L. Johnson, American businessman

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Mellody Hobson, American businesswoman

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David Huebner, American diplomat

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Eric P. Schwartz, American assistant secretary of state

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Chris Lu, American politician

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Steve Adler, American lawyer and politician

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Eric Johnson, Texas politician

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Leonard Lance, American politician

disagrees Clinton over Trump
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Anne Holton, American politician

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Nellie Gorbea, American politician

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John Sarbanes, American politician

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Derek Kilmer, American politician

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Jeff Merkley, American politician

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