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Theresa May

Prime minister of the United Kingdom · wikipedia · twitter

Educated at:

Wheatley Park School · St Hugh's College



Brexit disagreed by Theresa May · 24 Aug 2016
Cryptocurrencies disagreed by Theresa May · 16 Feb 2018
Cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin, we should be looking at these very seriously, precisely because of the way that they can be used, particularly by criminals. source
State-funded faith schools agreed by Theresa May · 30 Apr 2018
We do believe it is important to enable more faith schools to be set up and more faith schools to expand. source
Immigrants are net contributors (tax paid vs. benefits received) in their host country agreed by Theresa May · 16 Jul 2018
The evidence – from the OECD, the House of Lords Economic Affairs Committee and many academics – shows that while there are benefits of selective and controlled immigration, at best the net economic and fiscal effect of high immigration is close to zero. So there is no case, in the national interest, for immigration of the scale we have experienced over the last decade. source
Legalise recreational drugs disagreed by Theresa May · 07 May 2018
When I was Home Secretary, work was undertaken by the Home Office on the experience in a number of countries and the different ways they approached the issue of drugs, but I am afraid that I ​have a different opinion from my hon. Friend on drugs, as would those dealing with people affected by drugs. I think of my constituent Elizabeth Burton-Phillips, who set up DrugFAM after the suicide of her so... See More source
Fracking agreed by Theresa May · 24 Aug 2018
I have to say to the honourable gentleman that this is an issue on which we are simply going to have to disagree because I think shale gas does have the potential to power economic growth in this country. I think it will support thousands of jobs in the oil and gas industries and in other sectors and it will provide a new domestic energy source and we have more than 50 years of drilling experie... See More source
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