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Ray Kurzweil

Author, computer scientist, inventor and futurist · wikipedia

Educated at:

Massachusetts Institute of Technology


Inventor · Computer Scientist · Entrepreneur · Writer · Science Fiction Writer · Scientist · Futurist

Basic Income agreed by Ray Kurzweil · 29 May 2017
Adopting a universal basic income for all people can help society think creatively with new ideas, develop new industries — and free-up people to work on important future projects. This practical social support program can grow as science & technology rapidly evolve, becoming part of world abundance. source
AI will pose a serious risk to society within the next 50 years agreed by Ray Kurzweil · 14 Jan 2017
The existential threat from genetic technologies is already here: the same technology that will soon make major strides against cancer, heart disease, and other diseases could also be employed by a bioterrorist to create a bioengineered biological virus that combines ease of transmission, deadliness, and stealthiness, that is, a long incubation period. The tools and knowledge to do this are far mo... See More source
AI and robots might cause mass unemployment disagreed by Ray Kurzweil · 14 May 2018
We are going to have new types of jobs creating new types of dollars that don’t exist yet and that has been the trend. We will be creating more profound music, literature, science, technology. source
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