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Randall Wray

Professor of Economics at U. Missouri–Kansas City, Senior Scholar at Levy Economics Institute · wikipedia


Economist · University Teacher

Basic Income disagreed by Randall Wray · 05 Jul 2017
I do not support sending a BIG check to everyone. It is a devaluation of the currency, as prices rise so that the BIG payment essentially becomes the entry price to the marketplace. So we will need to target the BIG to those who do not (or cannot) work. Yes there’s some stigma. But, first we implement Employer of Last Resort so that anyone who is ready and willing to work has a job in the Job Gua... See More source
Job Guarantee agreed by Randall Wray · 05 Jul 2017
Estimated spending will be 1–2 percent of GDP, with economic, social and political benefits several times larger. Net program costs will be much lower, since spending on unemployment compensation and other relief will be reduced—this program will pay people for working, rather than paying them not to work. The promise of increased national productivity and shared prosperity should far outweigh an... See More source
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